Have You Answered These Critical Questions?

Did you get started on my 12-day challenge?  If you desire to finish 2020 strong and start off 2021 even stronger, then there wasn’t a more important Weekly Report than last week. If you are serious about making the most of this year and turning 2020 into a positively pivotal year despite everything you’ve been… Read more »

The Feeling You May Not Even Know You Have

So, did you work on finding that perfect balance in being both helpful and helpable? These two are the most advantageous team member characteristics there could possibly be.  You will be the one other people look up to and appreciate as the rising tide for your team. Now, if you take this to the next… Read more »

Are you one, both, or neither?

Over the past several weeks, I’ve been talking all about Teams and Team Members in my Friday Weekly Reports.  It’s been a very intense and interesting conversation that we have going. Most recently, I talked about the four success traits that a great team member has and, the funny thing is, it has nothing to… Read more »