The 4 Steps to Planning a Record-Breaking Year

There’s nothing like a built-in deadline to make things happen faster than they might otherwise.  So, I’m coming to you with another actionable Huddle this week to help you make the most of the remaining days of 2021 and more importantly make 2022 your best year yet. Now, this will come as no surprise to you… Read more »

The Act Of Being Thankful

Is there another phrase that can put life into perspective like this one? This week, we are given a day to reflect on, be grateful for, and give thanks for all that we have (people, places, opportunities, health, and bounty of all kinds and all things). As I will reference in many places ‘this time… Read more »

How To Be A Likable Leader

I’m about to tell you the secret to achieving your grandest practice ambitions – and it has nothing to do with dentistry.  It’s an important topic as we continue our month of gratitude and appreciation. The truth is, everything you want to achieve depends on other people.  Nothing of great significance will ever happen all by yourself.  … Read more »