3 Things Smart Practice Owners Will Do In The Next 12 Days

There are three specific things that you should have either already accomplished or will completely finish by the end of this very month.

These three high value actions are the commonalty among the most successful Doctors as they will prioritize them above all others.

They quite literally will determine whether you have anything at all to show for this unique year of 2020 and everything that you’ve experienced, persevered through, and made possible for yourself because you decided not to play victim to circumstances.

First, you should know where you are right now at this point in the year.  Both contrasted against any other year of your career but also compared to where you wanted to be based on your initial goals and the potential that you had for growth.

I’m not going to take you through any fancy formula’s here, in this week’s Report, though I might later.  It’s more important to keep it simple and do the math in two ways… you can take your clinical days divided into your actual revenue – not free government money – and figure out how your daily average stacks up against years past and what your expectations were for 2020.

This is a very important exercise.  It will yield an indication of either a healthy or unhealthy practice.

The second thing that matters right now is taking a hard look at what you’ve learned about your life, wealth, and health as well as your overall practice and business stability.  Use this to critique everything that you’d like to see different in 2021 – other than the obvious outside-of-your-control events from 2020.

Yes, I’m talking very literally about visualizing, mapping out, deciding on, and otherwise planning your year 2021.  Begin by creating the perfect outlook that you want to commit to making happen, as you see it right now.

Some will wait until the end of the year or even January to do this, but most won’t do it at all as they will simply turn the corner of the calendar and find themselves in ‘just another year.’

Don’t wait, don’t delay, and certainly don’t skip it altogether.  Now is the time to establish you game plan because there are still weeks left for the necessary course corrections.  You work towards your state of ideal for the future now so you begin the new year on target, instead of at the mercy of how this one ends.

By the way, this is about giving yourself permission to want more, to decide what is possible, and to use 2020 as a compass to identify the improvements that you’d like to make in your practice and life.

The most successful practice owners will have their 2021 clinical days set, their workflow figured out, possibly even their vacations planned, and they will have set up baseline targets on growth factors for collections… which will lead to benchmarks for income and profits and, most importantly, their overall financial picture and investment decisions for the long term.

It gets better because so far we are just talking about and taking inventory of what your current state of reality is and your vision for the future.

The real magic is when you connect the dots and build the bridge between these two points through reverse engineering – that is building a plan backwards to close the gap in order to realize your full potential.

The third action you must take now if you want to maximize everything you have sacrificed and worked so hard for (not to mention the year you have made it through), is creating your 90 Day Sprint: a detailed and dedicated plan of action with strategic execution to ensure that you do two things…

1) Finish your year as strong as you possibly can by doubling down on 2020 to put yourself you in the best position you have ever been in as a Doctor and Practice Owner to leap forward in life.  Remember, it’s not how you start, it’s how you finish.

2) Set yourself up in advance to be exactly where you want to be on January 1, 2021 so you don’t waste a day of the incoming year settling for anything less than exactly what you deserve.

Those really are two sides to the same coin because how you finish this year is how you start next year.  Done right, these next 90 days will lead you from where you are through the end of 2020 in the most powerful way possible and poised for 2021 before the ball drops.

To do justice by this year and finish 2020 in the best possible way while setting yourself up for success to start 2021… you must have a 90-day action plan and in a year like no other, you need a plan like no other.

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