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Giving The Gift Of Possibilities – Part 2

Well, what is an idea without the tactical steps to make it come to life in your practice?  I loved the feedback and stories you shared with me in response to last week’s Huddle. There is no greater privilege a person can have than to gift someone belief and hope in what’s possible.  That’s why… Read more »

Giving The Gift Of Possibilities – Part 1

Of course, I’m going to talk about gift giving… it’s December.  Certainly, you have heard my talk about problems and possibilities.  If you haven’t, it is a complete practice potential liberator and the surest way to breakthrough the plateaus holding you back from helping your patients. Today, as I try to do often, I want… Read more »

Your Ultimate Practice Profit Plan – Part 2

When it comes to having a “Profit Plan” for your practice, have you ever even heard of one?  Of course not.  Not one single doctor reading this has a “profit plan” (maybe an “overhead percentage” or possibly a “budget”), but not a proactive, predictable, purposefully orchestrated and plotted out PROFIT PLAN. That would be a… Read more »