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Who Is Following The Money

A simple exercise of FOLLOWING THE MONEY… in other words taking responsibility for your Patients’ Health and Outcomes. It’s really your decision to operate an urgent care dental office or a general check-up clinic OR a comprehensive, complete, experiential, full and healthy mouth dental practice that wows, woos and wonders patients to move forward with… Read more »

[EXPOSED] Practice Transformation In Progress

Last week I had the largest group of People from a Practice arrive in Nashville for their own Practice Transformation Blueprint Day: 2 Doctor/Owners, 1 Spouse / Office Administrator, and 3 Practice Champions from Key Roles from within (Ortho Lead, Office Manager/ Treatment Coordinator Lead, and Re-Call / Phone Sales Department Lead). This was very… Read more »

Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance

We are running hard this week. Getting straight to the point. Are you running hard into Monday Mornings?! Or are you just sauntering in laissez faire and hoping the momentum hits you in the ass instead of you leading the charge? Hey, every MONDAY matters, it sets the tone for the week, you push out… Read more »