Being Your Patients’ Santa Claus

Ah, yes, it’s only the week after Thanksgiving and the holiday flurry begins.  Sure, it’s probably already started long ago but with all of the activities, gifts, celebrations and festivities, there is just too much to fit into so little time.

So, whatever you do for Christmas, Hanukkah, or your Holidays Season keep it fun and don’t let the stress of other people’s expectations get in the way of your joy.  Do yourself the biggest favor of them all and keep the real meaning alive.

There’s more to say here but with all of the shopping, chaos, and gift giving, we can’t forget your patients.

Now, it’s early in December but not for long so what I want you to do today is think about what you can give your patients for the holidays… smiles, health, confidence, etc.

I am not here to give you the answers, I want you to make it your own.  And the exercise is twofold.  

First, because of the pressing time of the year to make the most of December (in what is most likely a short month for you), get as many yeses as you can by using the end of the year deadline to your advantage.  This will keep your collections strong and fill a January Schedule you’ll be excited to walk into when you get back.

Yes, to state the obvious, you have to be thinking about January NOW, but you also have to make the most of every clinical day and patient opportunity THIS MONTH.  You can’t let ‘wait until next time’ get in the way or accept the excuse of next year by letting the patients out the door undecided on treatment.

They won’t think about it in January.  So, you’ll have to chase them down and redo everything you have done to get them to just consider let alone make a decision again.  As I like to say, get them while you got them.

The other side of the coin is to remind yourself of the value you provide to your patients.  You give them the best gifts every single day.

You can’t forget that.  It’s certainly not the patient’s job to remember.  That’s where you come in. 

Too often we lose sight of how dentistry changes people’s lives.  What present can compete with that?  I would definitely rank that higher than anything wrapped in a bow.

If I were you, I’d use this time of year to make your list of all the gifts you give to your patients.  If you’re Santa Claus for your patient’s health – and you are – then don’t be bashful about it.  Don’t just wait around for them to ask Santa for presents, give them some ideas.  You can help them out by building their wish list for the best gift they can ever receive… the ‘dentistry’ that makes a long-term difference in their overall health.

This is fun stuff here.  The more reasons you can give them to want and accept the gifts you have, the better.

If you do this right and help more patients this month, you’ll even have a little extra under your own Christmas tree.

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