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Your Ultimate Practice Profit Plan – Part 2

When it comes to having a “Profit Plan” for your practice, have you ever even heard of one?  Of course not.  Not one single doctor reading this has a “profit plan” (maybe an “overhead percentage” or possibly a “budget”), but not a proactive, predictable, purposefully orchestrated and plotted out PROFIT PLAN. That would be a… Read more »

Your Ultimate Practice Profit Plan – Part 1

Very few Doctors ever actually go to work on making themselves, their team and the practice as a whole CAPABLE of being worth more in production and collections for the time in the practice. Everyone believes it takes more time, more patients, more volume, more space, more of everything except what it really does take… Read more »

Making Room For Growth In Your Practice Part 1

One of the greatest breakthroughs on your path to achieving success is when you come to the realization that your current results are entirely tied to your practice structure, the decisions you’ve made in the past and the actions you are taking (or not taking). They say with success there are no accidents and really… Read more »

To Become An Entrepreneurial Dentist You Must Be…

Here’s what you gotta know.  Your belief about your potential and your desire for your own success is your greatest assurance to achieve something bigger, better, different than what you already have in your life and practice. I often tell my doctors I’ve never seen anyone achieve something that they did not intentionally set out… Read more »