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Your Lifestyle Practice Manifesto – Part 2

I’ve been known to issue this challenge to Doctors I’m speaking with… sit down with your team, hand out a piece of paper and ask everyone to write down your Practice Mission, Philosophy, and Purpose.  And have every team member read it aloud. I understand what you might be thinking.  The point, however, is about… Read more »

Your Lifestyle Practice Manifesto – Part 1

There is nothing more important than the feeling of fulfillment in your life and practice because that is what drives everything else.  As you will see unfold over the next several weeks, as we talk about having the Ideal Lifestyle Practice, there are specific pillars and components that make it possible. Today, we talk first… Read more »

What EVERY Doctor Wants!

If I had to summarize the most common ‘request’ and wish list item I receive when Doctors come to me, it boils down to these five things… A Lifestyle Practice, usually defined as working less and making more.  I just say, ‘working on your own terms.’ High Value (meaningful and profitable) Dentistry, doing the dentistry… Read more »

Creating Trust With Patients [Part 7 of 7]

Today, we conclude our trust building in the same way that your initial experience concludes with your patients.  What we all commonly refer to as “the exit.”  However, most practices get the exit all wrong. Most view the exit as the end, when in fact it is actually only the end of the beginning and… Read more »