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How To Build Trust With Your Patients

I say many things that shock Dentists hearing them for the very first time.  Things like… It’s not all about new patients. You don’t have to be in network. You can collect full fees up front the day you present (not do) treatment. You really can work less and make more, a lot more. Your… Read more »

10 Ways to Immediately Increase the Value of Your Patients

Today, I’m bringing you a completely different type of Weekly Report.  We have been talking about High Value Patients for some time.  Most Practices believe it’s up to chance.  Most Doctors think it is about the “type” of patient/person walking in which means they (not you) can blame everyone but themselves and their teams for their… Read more »

The Fastest Way To Make (and Keep) More Money!

In many businesses, they establish a profit margin per customer and then they keep growing the number of customers in order to maximize profit.  This is because they have the ability to scale. You have zero scale. In dentistry, unless robots end up doing it or you can practice virtually without requiring space in your… Read more »