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How To Run Up The Score Every Single Month

Your practice is in a box.  Inside of that box are you and your team.  That box is compromised of the sticking point of all practice growth and leverage.  Consider the four walls of your practice this box with a floor and a ceiling.  Your daily life, in reality, is lived through the schedule, which… Read more »

Are You Creating Your Own Bad Luck?

Expectations are everything.  Including and maybe especially when it comes to Luck.  As they say you earn every ounce of luck you get by what you do and what you think, and all of that begins with what you expect. There is bad luck happening everywhere, every single day.  Some doctors let that paralyze them… Read more »

A Big Case Lead Generation Secret

I know you have heard about, if not been inundated by, the craze for Sleep Dentistry.  Well let me tell you something… it’s real, it’s happening, it’s not going away. You see, not only do more patients than you can probably imagine have legitimate airway problems that prevent them from sleeping and breathing properly, but… Read more »