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Overcoming Success-Defeating Behaviors [2 of 4]

If there is one way to ensure that you never achieve the results you deserve to have as you find yourself plateauing in your practice year after year, look no further than… Your Leadership. That’s right.  Every day I tell my doctors you have two responsibilities above all others: motivate the team and diagnose the… Read more »

Overcoming Success-Defeating Behaviors [1 of 4]

As promised, over the next few weeks we are going to talk about what holds you back from greater success and what is keeping you from your personal and practice potential.  Then we are going to un-train you from all of your bad habits and then retrain you to be a goal-achieving, progress-making, success-minded doctor… Read more »

Why ‘Doing Things Right’ Is Not Enough

No matter whether you are struggling to achieve your first million, you have been there once or many times before, you have plateaued and flat lined, you have slowly fallen backwards year after year – or – if you are having your best year ever and riding the wave to a multi-million-dollar practice business… There… Read more »

How To Be More Thankful

I sure hope this finds you more thankful than ever, after spending Thanksgiving with your family and having a chance to reflect on all that you have and all that you are. Before I tell you about this week’s very special and important message – I have something for you that you might have missed,… Read more »