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Your Lifestyle Practice Manifesto – Part 5

We have finally arrived and brought this whole thing full circle.  If you want to know the truth about most Dentists (maybe you) it’s that they have no real idea at all what their actual Profit is. Some Doctors pay themselves a paltry salary at the advice of their accountant (who hasn’t ever and won’t ever… Read more »

Your Lifestyle Practice Manifesto – Part 4

We’ve all heard the expression “it takes a village” and it really does.  In business and in life.  Especially in Dentistry.  Now you don’t need an army of people to be successful.  In fact, it’s not the quantity of people on your team, it is absolutely the quality and effectiveness of those people that really matters. I see teams… Read more »

Your Lifestyle Practice Manifesto – Part 3

Ultimately, everything we do here together and inside of your office comes down to one aspect that matters most.  Why you wake up, go into the office, sacrifice, grow, learn, develop, practice – it’s about the Patients. I’ve yet to meet a Doctor who didn’t want to help more patients.  That’s the name of the… Read more »

Your Lifestyle Practice Manifesto – Part 2

I’ve been known to issue this challenge to Doctors I’m speaking with… sit down with your team, hand out a piece of paper and ask everyone to write down your Practice Mission, Philosophy, and Purpose.  And have every team member read it aloud. I understand what you might be thinking.  The point, however, is about… Read more »