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2 Powerful Habits For Daily Success

There may not be anything more important to do in your day than to start it off right.  Have you ever hit the snooze for an extra five or ten or fifteen minutes and then you just happen to be running behind about that much the rest of the day? Of course, you’ve got a bit… Read more »

Here We Go, Again…

Yes, it’s that time again – the New Year.  With your goals in place, your resolutions written, your recommitments made, and your vision fully directed out the front windshield and not at the rearview mirror of the past, YOU ARE READY!  Ready to make 2021 the best year of your life. No one starts a year saying,… Read more »

Will It Be A “New” or Just “Another” Year?

Well, here we are.  Just a few days before the changing of the calendar and turning of the page to another chapter in your life.  Of all years, this upcoming one seems to be met with sheer anticipation as we look forward to what it will bring. I firmly believe there is no other point during the… Read more »

“All I Want For Christmas Is…”

When you answer that for yourself, is the first thing that comes to mind some ‘thing’ such as a tv, tablet, purse, kitchen gadget, power tool, or whatever the latest gizmo may be. If it is, that’s just fine.  This is and always will be a zero-judgment zone.  I would say it’s good to have ‘that’ type… Read more »

Give This To Everyone You Can

I wonder what your initial reaction was when reading the title.  It could certainly apply to a variety of topics these days.  Did you expect a dire warning?  Or perhaps a hopeful message to lift up others?  You might take a moment to reflect.  What you anticipated might reveal your level of optimism this morning. This really has little to… Read more »