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The Truth About Nurturing Patient Relationships

When it comes to nurturing your patients over time to accept dentistry, it is critical you don’t make excuses for your lack of completely treatment planning them in the first place. I hear all the time that Doctors like to start with one thing to work on first to build some trust up and then… Read more »

Spring Cleaning Your Mental Clutter

The most important challenge that I posed to you last week was about the cleaning we all need to do inside of our own heads.  The more often you check in on yourself, your thoughts, and your focus, the less mental clutter there will be and more clarity your experience. This is why I say do… Read more »

Spring’s Lessons for Practice Growth

It is that time again to Spring Forward in time, in season, and I’m challenging you to do the same in life. At the beginning of March, I asked you to reflect on your 2021 start and to assess where you are at compared to where you thought you’d be.  Then use this month to March… Read more »