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Practice Luck Factor #3 (of 7)

It’s great to hear you are embracing the Luck Factor of Expectations.  Your thoughts are boomerangs and, once coupled with actions to back them up, you are unstoppable towards your goals in and out of your office. So, let’s talk about one aspect of taking action.  There is nothing that embodies the word “action” (when… Read more »

Practice Luck Factor #2 (of 7)

Here we go with our next LUCK FACTOR that is a difference maker for Doctors and Teams who really want to achieve extraordinary results with their patients every single day. You’ve surely heard the expression, “THE HARDER I WORK THE LUCKIER I GET.” And while that is true, I would add “smarter” into that sentence… Read more »

Practice Luck Factor #1 (of 7)

Hey, it’s your LUCKY month.  I love St. Patrick’s Day and that means I love the whole month of March.  Sure, it can still be a cold, snow-ridden month for some, but it offers the first sign of new growth.  Usually, after the busyness of the Holidays and February allowing you to get back into… Read more »

Your (Masters Level) Daily Focus – Continual Reassessment

If repetition is the key to peak performance, then continually reassessing yourself and reflecting on your progress is the key to improvement, leverage and breakthroughs. These two go hand in hand.  You do not practice for the sake of practice.  As the saying goes, “It’s not practice that makes perfect, it’s PERFECT practice that makes… Read more »

Your (Masters Level) Daily Focus – Repetition

As we begin to shift gears into a different type of Daily Focus, I’m going to get the hardest one of them all – literally – out of the way right here, right now. It’s the Achilles heel of every human being – period. It is certainly the biggest challenge of the most successful practices… Read more »