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Giving Thanks To Dentistry

Thanksgiving here we come.  Can you believe it?  Next week we head into that wonderful day where families come together to celebrate being thankful for all that we have and especially the people in our lives. I’ll have the chance to say more on it next week. In keeping with that theme and jumping off… Read more »

A Fun Team Activity That’ll Keep You Smiling

Keeping with the end of year theme – it’s important to remember that your team must stick together.  You know the holidays tend to be more stressful than other times and that can lead to people being distracted, temperamental, or just plain jovial. Among all of your responsibilities there is not one more important than… Read more »

Here Comes The Crazy Time Of Year – Get Ready!

Lately, I have had many team members ask about patients using the time of year as an excuse. Saving money for Christmas or wanting to wait until the New Year or for insurance or that they are too busy. Of course, we all have long to-get-done-before-the-end-of-the-year lists and for most people dentistry isn’t on theirs…. Read more »

What Scares You?

Last week, in my Weekly Report, I wrote to our Doctors about that which they are afraid of, what is holding them back, and what fears exist in their minds that is keeping them from realizing their greatest potential. I ask you the same question. A question that everyone should challenge themselves to face at… Read more »

Be Like Casper This Halloween!

You do realize that Halloween is as big of an Adult Holiday as it is a Kid Holiday.  More time and money are spent and put into play with adults than with children.  Of course, this spans movies, haunted houses, decorations, parties, and treats. I’m sure you might very well have some plans to celebrate… Read more »