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A Bit of Magic to Change Your Patients’ Reality

Here’s what we all know… there is a world of truth in the saying “perception is reality.”  The bottom line is you can’t change someone’s mind if they aren’t open to it.  You have undoubtedly tried it.  Yet, their perception is their reality. That is why you have to pull out your bag of tricks to help open… Read more »

The Casting of a Patient’s Spell

This week, we continue our month of Halloween spookiness with a simple premise… who does the influencing first determines who is influenced the most – which means you just might be under your patients’ spell. The fact is what holds practices back from the higher-level achievements they are capable of and their ability to help… Read more »

It’s Time to Take Inventory

It’s official, by the calendar dates we’ve moved into another Fall Season.  The 4th Quarter and ‘finish’ of the Year is just days away. There’s quite a bit to digest in this week’s Monday Huddle.  I know I’ve been pushing you over the past several weeks with the back to school cram sessions, where hopefully you to challenged… Read more »

Back To School – Final Exam Review

Today, I want to finish up our Back To School Series with some a final exam review of our success factors that you can’t ever focus on enough (and actually risk losing sight of the most important principles in your practice without ever knowing why). As you know, the point of the past several Monday… Read more »