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The Secret To The Perfect Handoff – Part 1

We have talked for two weeks about your communication with each other and your communication with your patients.  Now it’s time we tie these two things together. We use the phrase “handoff” to describe the patient’s movement through the practice, transferring front to back and back to front.  But, it’s really about more than just… Read more »

Improving Patient Communication and Successful Outcomes

I loved your lists from last week.  They were very powerful and I appreciate you sharing.  I hope that you took each item and had real candid conversations about them with each other in order to increase everyone’s effectiveness and cohesiveness.  I can’t think of anything more important than communication in order to develop a… Read more »

Improving Team Communication and Consistency (For Good)

The most common ‘challenge’ that is asked about from more teams more often than any other is absolutely, hands down: communication. Of course, the real challenge to this ‘challenge’ is that everyone means something different by “communication.” You might mean communication front to back or back to front. You might mean patients understanding their treatment… Read more »

Digging Deep Into What Really Matters

That hit a nerve last week, but it got you to stop for a minute and really ask yourselves what the hell is going on.  Whether it’s a good going on or a challenging going on, it’s still important to at least know what is going on.  That’s the only way we can make it… Read more »