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3 Ways To Make Sure You Have A Profitable Day

1. Every Team Member needs a Goal, a point of focus, something to “do” or challenge themselves with. It’s not enough to get through the day just doing enough. You will only have success if you press yourself for it, stretch. In your morning huddle every person should identify something they will set as their… Read more »

POSITIONAL Management – Creating an Extraordinary Team

Over the past 2 days I had 2 major, major breakthroughs for 2 different Dentists in opposite parts of the country, serving 2 completely different demographics, types of cities and the structure of their staff is completely different. Both smaller offices, 6 ops, awesome, special people, extraordinary Doctors, of course I like to think that… Read more »

The Most Important Question to Ask Your Team

Yes. Being a conversationalist is a skill that can be taught, practiced, and then massaged and refined into an art that is extremely individualized based on the person using it. While clinical knowledge is critical, necessary, and obviously of significant importance in your Dental Office, it is the ability to convey, converse, and convince a… Read more »

Creating Magic for the Day Begins In Your Morning Huddle

1 – Connect with your team 2 – Review the “playbook” – your schedule for the day 3 – Identify patient touch points, opportunities, and responsibilities Here’s what we know, once your day starts it’s often hard to make personal connections with your Team Members, so it’s important to do it here, or if your… Read more »