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How To Create Your Ideal Dentistry Day – Everyday!

I want to ask you a question, actually a series of questions…ready?! When are you the happiest? Clinically, during the work day, in the zone. What days do you remember enjoying the most? When you left fulfilled, invigorated, excited and satisfied, not stressed, or frantic. What type of dentistry do you enjoy the most and… Read more »

The ONE THING Everyone (YOU!) Needs to Do

There is ONE catalyst above all others that will have the single greatest impact on your Practice’s profitability and ability to actualize the vision you ultimately have. Whatever that vision is…as long as it has something to do with making patients healthy, diagnosing more comprehensive real life-changing dentistry and achieving acceptance on the type of… Read more »

Mastering the Full Patient Perspective

If you missed last week’s Huddle, you really better go back and read it. In it, I explained the single most detrimental behavior that Dentists (yes, most likely you), have that sabotages their success. You probably don’t even realize it and you may not even believe me, but it’s true, 100%. It would never seem… Read more »