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Trick or Treat With Your Team

This could be one of the most dramatic shifts in your thinking, depending on where you are at in your mindset right now. Here it is… You have many sets of “customers”. Yes, the obvious are your Patients, they are your customers. But you also have other customers, mainly, your Team. I love calling them… Read more »

3 Ways You Sabotage Yourself With Patients And Money

I have a famous saying said all throughout our industry in Dental Practices across North America, I have been quoted by the highest income earning Dentists, leading gurus and clinical lecturers from coast to coast, and the most successful Practices on the planet follow my advice on this… “When it comes to Case Acceptance, Money… Read more »

Your Team and Money – A Necessary Conversation

This just might be one of the most important conversations you have with your Team. When it comes to “the business side of dentistry” and actually making patients healthy – there is only one way to move people down the pathway to health and that’s by putting gas in the tank – money – payment… Read more »

How To Create Your Ideal Dentistry Day – Everyday!

I want to ask you a question, actually a series of questions…ready?! When are you the happiest? Clinically, during the work day, in the zone. What days do you remember enjoying the most? When you left fulfilled, invigorated, excited and satisfied, not stressed, or frantic. What type of dentistry do you enjoy the most and… Read more »