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Helping Team Members Hit Their Goals

Last week we talked about making sure every Team Member had a running tally of their numbers every single day. And a weekly review of where they are ahead of or behind on their targets for the month. I pointed out to you, and have several times before, that you can’t “track monthly” and expect… Read more »

Teaching Your Team to Track Their Numbers

Thank You!!! Last week I conducted the highly anticipated Team Transformation Training Tele-class where I walked through the 5 Key Steps to Transforming your team to achieve their highest potential and create a self-manage practice where everyone takes initiative, performs daily, owns their position, and works in concert with you, the patients, and their team… Read more »

Why Bonuses Don’t Work (Part 2)

Okay…so I fooled you last week huh? Here’s the good news… Humans have unlimited potential, it’s just that we usually don’t allow them to explore and grow into that potential. It’s like keeping a child on all fours on the ground and never letting them walk, we often hold our people back. As you know… Read more »

Why Bonuses Don’t Work (Part 1)

Actually I love bonuses. Don’t get me wrong, you have to read the article to get the point. You absolutely should have bonuses. Only people who are stingy, entitled, greedy, and stupid don’t believe in sharing. What I don’t believe in are raises. Paying more money for doing the same work. Nope. Not in this… Read more »

How to Double Your New Patient Referrals

If you don’t already have your copy of my newest book titled The 5 Golden Rings Dental Practice Referral System – WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?! It’s been flying off of our shelves and the feedback has been incredible. Of course this is a hot topic because everyone knows a new patient coming through referrals is… Read more »