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The Right Way To Do Morning Huddles (and all meetings)

Okay. Are you ready for this? One simple and yet profound concept that will literally change the entire buy-in of your team, level of accepted responsibility and follow-through. It’s going to seem so obvious and yet no one does it (and when they do they don’t do it right…which is another reason I ‘hate’ meetings)…. Read more »

Give Them Permission To Be Great and Room to Grow

Usually it’s not the lack of the Team’s ability to be great, it’s the lack of the leadership to be a catalyst for greatness. I know we all expect certain things from the people we employee to do the job, fulfill the responsibilities, and be accountable for the work they were hired to do. But…… Read more »

3 Steps To More Treatment… With Every Patient

This week we’re keeping it short and sweet. Please don’t let that fool you. There is power in simplicity for those who value results and progress, instead of just activity. We can agree there is nothing more important during your day than time with your patients. This is your opportunity to make a real difference… Read more »

What Really Happens In Your Operatory? Not Enough.

Today I am going to share with you the biggest gap, hole in the bucket, missed opportunity that I see inside of an Operatory that is also one of the fastest problems to fix and it will make an extraordinary difference. Most of the time it’s not the patient who doesn’t want the service…it’s that… Read more »

3 Ways To Make Sure You Have A Profitable Day

1. Every Team Member needs a Goal, a point of focus, something to “do” or challenge themselves with. It’s not enough to get through the day just doing enough. You will only have success if you press yourself for it, stretch. In your morning huddle every person should identify something they will set as their… Read more »