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Don’t You Love It When A Plan Comes Together

The other day, on our Monthly Practice Profit Accelerator Call, Kevin and I shared a story from one of our Superstar Doctors.  She said the patient came in certain of needing nothing.  Yet, after the new patient experience was complete, the patient just scheduled for everything listed on the comprehensive treatment plan. She went on… Read more »

What Are You REALLY Selling Anyway?

Last week, we talked about this whole “selling” thing and how most people get it all wrong because they are busy selling “the thing” instead of the outcome and benefits. We also talked about the fact that selling is nothing more than encouraging, motivating, influencing and compelling someone to action.  Even education is selling. Your… Read more »

The Real Problem With “Selling”

So often in dentistry both doctors and team members alike get a bad taste in their mouths and feel resistant to the idea of “selling.”  This reaction is primarily driven by two issues.  First, the fact that it implies you are having to convince someone to do something they otherwise wouldn’t do.  Second, because it… Read more »

How To Make Dentistry Matter To Your Patients

As we discussed last week, if you want to move your patients forward with their dentistry and health – you first have to move them forward with their mind and vision, both real and imagined. This is why the use of photographs is critical but still not enough because the use of photographs sells only… Read more »