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The Formula for Patient Success

There is a famous saying that says, “Success Leaves Clues.” The point being that success is really a formula comprised of specific actions, organized in a specific order and executed in a specific way every single time based on your particular goals and objectives. I think back to last weekend when I hosted one of… Read more »

The Importance of Documenting Protocols

Many people reading this Huddle right now are lacking in this every important and usually ignored topic that is a real secret to consistent and effective performance as well as quality training and predictable outcomes. I’m not talking just about a ‘manual’ of rules and policies.  Obvious things like show up on time, plan your… Read more »

Is Your Doctor Guilty of This? [Part 2]

I’m not being harsh on our Doctors.  Trust me, you all can improve at this.  So, we aren’t just singling them out on this one. When we are working at helping patients, we want to keep their focus on the main thing; which is NOT money, NOT insurance, NOT anything other than a health-based decision…. Read more »