Celebrating Your Independence

Yesterday was the official time to celebrate our Independence.  Yet, I believe we can celebrate this every day.  This is not just about our Country, it is about our way of life.

You wake up each day deciding what to eat, what to wear, how to get to work, and even where to work.  Just about every decision you make in your life is possible because of the independence we have.

Be ever grateful.

Take time to make sure people in your family are reminded about its significance and how important it is.  It isn’t something that happens to you, it is something you have to take responsibility over.

Independence doesn’t guarantee you anything other than the opportunity to choose to take action for yourself to make the most of every day you have been given.

So often in Dentistry, we forget that we too are independent to choose how to practice, what to stand for, the philosophy we follow with our patients, and the principles by which to conduct our business.

You have control over fees, protocols, type of patients, and even schedule.  Really, almost every aspect of the profession is in the hands of the people who are caring for patients, as it should be.

Of course, you wouldn’t know this if you listened to everyone around you.  Only if you talked and mingled with the most successful practices. 

While others are complaining, real champions are taking action.  While they are thinking of all the excuses and forces against them, you are taking responsibility and creating something truly special.

This week, to celebrate your independence in practice, discuss with your team where you have let preconceived ideas, outside influences, or past experiences get in the way of what makes you great.  Where have you accepted or settled for things that you don’t have to?

Make a list and go to work to resolve each item with new decisions, fresh expectations, and renewed commitments to free yourself from old habits or complacency.

You deserve better, as do your patients.  You bring independence to people every day you choose to own it for yourself.  Never forget the independence you provide to your patients by making them healthy, giving them back their smile, restoring their confidence, and elevating their well-being.

Yesterday, I hope you enjoyed time with your families and celebrated this great Holiday.  I also hope you paused and just felt that great sense of pride that is earned by the work you do, by the care you give, by the life you live, by the difference you make every single day with every single patient.

I can tell you this – we are honored to be in your lives and help you keep choosing to be independent and to embrace what independent dentistry is all about.  Now, go forth and let freedom ring!

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