Constant and Never-Ending Improvement – Part 3

And we are back.  Did you get your list built?  Are you ready for your 90-Day Blitz to making the most of the end of the year?

This is a powerful tool that can be repeated again and again.  Imagine if you wrote down the top 13 things you personally wanted to accomplish between now and the end of 2019 and you tackled one a week during a designated time period.  You’d make more progress in the last 3 months of the year than an endless to-do list that keeps getting put off week after week all year long.

Of course, for your practice, it might be more specific things to focus on and repeat to ensure that happen versus a specific project or to-do list item that gets completed.

Now, we are picking back up to our discussion of a culture of constant and never-ending improvement.

I know, not the sexiest topic on the planet, not the most fun to talk about or even go to work on – none the less – for the good of your patients and the success of your goals it has to be done.

We have built into our daily flow your celebration and victory board; which we are revisiting weekly and then starting over with a new list of items, actions, achievements, and successes.

Then we are working off of our “Improvement Board” where everyone assigns a key action and responsibility they own to work on and double down their efforts to reach a higher level of proficiency and effectiveness.

Now, we have come full circle to talk about the reality of constant and never-ending improvement.  It is not just about tasks and actions or even awareness, it is about a mentality, a desire for you to tap into your hidden potential to grow yourself.  Perhaps that is with your confidence or your ability to communicate or your interpersonal skills or maybe even your own relationship with YOU or various team members.

The real secret to every breakthrough comes from within.  When you make you more valuable to everything else, everything else becomes more valuable to you.  It happens to be really great news because “You” are the only person you can control anyways.

Now, this is not new.  We’ve talked about it before.  You could even say that the entire underlying theme of this Monday Morning Huddle is all about this – about you and about your commitment to yourself.

It fits with our topics here.

It fits with you being committed to and excited about getting better.

It fits with your desire to lead by example, to be the Team Member who makes things happen, to help others, to go above and beyond – but also – to support everyone else in being their best.

Be that Team Member by focusing on your own list of constant and never-ending improvement.

You must realize that your relationship with yourself and the constant and never-ending improvement plan you have is the one that matters most.

Would you like some examples?  I have my core “always list” of reminders…

Read more books

Be more patient

Run longer, workout harder

Have discipline with diet

I could go on and I could elaborate.  I have my “always list,” the things that are easiest to slip away, fall out of sync, whether travel or stress or long days or whatever.

The goal is for the “always list” to be as short but as substantial as possible.  This allows you to build the successes you desire into your daily and weekly life so you have consistency.

The other list is different, it could be situation drive, tied to specific projects, or based on the time of the year (as I detoured last week with the 90-Day Blitz).  However, it always contains the importance of weekly refocus on top priorities.

You owe it to yourself AND everyone else to be the BEST YOU in every circumstance and every situation.  That requires honest assessment, genuine desire, and a sincere effort to stay with it and to never give up.

Ready to tackle this list?  Our next and far deeper layer of your journey towards not just a practice but a life built on constant and never-ending improvement.

There’s not much you’ll experience that’s more fun, more rewarding and more fulfilling than this.   It’s what you deserve and it’s up to you to make it happen.

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