Constant and Never-Ending Improvement – Part 4

We are completing our series on the biggest topic we could ever talk about.  I’ve asked you this question before, right?

“What is the biggest room in the world?”

Why the ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT, of course.

And if you want to know the difference between the pros who perform at a high level day in and day out versus the ones that fall in and out of success (or never even come close to realizing their potential), it’s that the high achievers are always the ones that feel they have the biggest room for improvement – because that is what led them to be the best.

The fact that you are reading this right now says a lot about you.  You know that you can always get better, you know there is always something more to learn, and you know that just small improvements make a huge difference for your patients.

Because no matter how great one day or one case or even one year is – you have to do it all over again to get the same, let alone even better, results.  That is made much easier with THIS mentality being indoctrinated into your culture.

Which leads me to this week’s Morning Huddle and the final installment of our Constant and Never-Ending Improvement Series.

HOW DO YOU DO IT?  How do you stay focused and bring this from concept into action?

You already know that making lists and talking about it only goes so far, you have to make sure you do two of my favorite things that summarize the most important part of your success strategy which embodies everything we have been discussing over the past several weeks.


You aren’t hearing this from me for the first time, so it should be a reminder.  None the less, it is at the core of Constant and Never-Ending Improvement.

Done right, you do a version of this daily with your Morning Huddles and your End of Day Huddles (Debriefs).  That is what is best – real time, day by day course correction.

However, at least monthly and ideally weekly, you must take an assessment over your progress on your areas of improvement and you must have measured them to see how you are stacking up and then you must renew your commitments.

Every single time.

Daily, weekly, monthly.

Personal and Professional

Now, if we are talking about your 90-Day Blitz then you should have time set aside each week to take a hard look at where you are at and how much time remains, what should have happened last week, this week, next week and you must make sure the golden rule of progress is never broken – you can’t fall behind the timeline – and if you do you must compound your efforts and catch up quickly.

It’s like being late with the first patient of the day.  You can’t let that be a domino that makes you late with all the other patients.  You have to course correct, adjust, make like a genie and fix it.

Just like progress, if you are behind your goals, it is only going to get harder and harder with each passing interval of time to get back on track.  You have to sprint back to where you should be.

If we are not talking about a set timeline and just performance in general then you have to review progress and renew goals by hitting reset regardless of what happened good or bad in order to refocus on the very next exchange, patient, conversation, task, action, day, etc.

There is nothing I can tell you that is more valuable than this.  Be willing to hit RESET and REFOCUS and get back on track with your plan.

There are some R words for you to obsess about…





The very best will keep a personal journal where they are tracking their Constant and Never-Ending Improvement.  A list of priorities that they can actually review progress, renew goals, reset the plan, and refocus their efforts.

This is a personal success system that will give you the advantage every single time.

If you don’t have a journal, get one.  Start here… take your lists from the past weeks individually and as a practice and create some new powerful habits that will help each of you become more successful for yourselves and for those around you.

There is far more here than what you have time to tackle in this moment.  It requires a commitment to build this into your culture to have a success environment that is grounded in these principles.

I hope you have enjoyed and, most of all, taken action on this series.  Bring it to reality in your life and experience all the magic you’ll create for yourself because of it.

Next week, we’ll take a break from all this serious talk to have some good old fashion fun.  See you then.

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