Digging Deep Into What Really Matters

That hit a nerve last week, but it got you to stop for a minute and really ask yourselves what the hell is going on.  Whether it’s a good going on or a challenging going on, it’s still important to at least know what is going on.  That’s the only way we can make it better.

Truly amazing insights were shared by all of you.  I know you and have no doubt in your ability, deep thinking and overall skill.  Thank you for sharing the powerful things that you would like to go to work on together right here each Monday for the foreseeable future.

The final touches are being put on our Huddle Series and you will want to begin compiling your own Huddle Library so that you can revisit them as you wish and/or you can pick out the ones you have the most challenge on and circle back to them as check list and your own accountability system.

Before we dive into this, I want to tell you something interesting that I notice again and again and it is a truth that can’t ever be broken.

The PEOPLE and PRACTICES doing the very best – find the most to improve on.

This should be a very interesting concept for you to think about.

The people in any profession who do the best are always the hardest on themselves.  They find no excuses for their results, they only find responsibility.

You should develop a culture of responsibility in your practice…


And you won’t hear that anywhere else but here.  We do not accept what “patients want” on face value.  We are leaders in their lives and we insist that they learn more about themselves, about you and about what dentistry can do for their health as we hold them to a higher standard.

Do you know what happens to people who hold themselves to a higher standard?  Everyone around them will do the same.  By leading by example, you can then expect others to live up to your standards.

You accept what you expect and you expect what you accept.

As we move forward with a week by week lesson plan of improvement, I want you to constantly apply each principle to yourself first and then your team and then your patients.  You want to see it through everyone’s eyes.

That is how you make things happen with ease and you are able to create a momentum that becomes sustainable.  All because you have all hands on deck and you hold yourself to be accountable first and then (and only then) can you expect that from others around you including your patients.

Today you are going to do one thing and then it’s down to business.

That one thing is for every single team member to go around the room and describe the outcome you want each of your patients to have.  Then answer the question: what will it mean to this patient’s life for this outcome to occur?

Then I want you to repeat this for each other, yourself and your doctor.  What outcome do you hope for each of you for a given day?  What’s a victory?  What’s a win for you and what will leave you feeling fulfilled, accomplished, responsible and in control over your own outcomes?

And get ready because we are going to push you to heights you have never thought possible before.  You will be making incredible things happen every single day – on purpose – instead once in a while.

This maybe the most powerful and important exercise I have ever given you to do with each other.  Dig deep, challenge each other, expect more… from yourself first.

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