Doing Well By Doing Good

Well, we are down to the home stretch.  Very few clinical days remain in the entire year of 2019.  You have just about made it.  The question, of course, is never about how you start, it is always about how you finish.  That’s not to say you are off the hook for beginning the New Year with a bang (which you can count on me to be bringing up very soon).

None the less, the real point is the seeing it through to the finish.  Stay in there, keep focused, and be at your best until you walk out the door and put this year behind you.

As we love to talk about – and we mean it very much so – every patient matters so you have to make every visit count all the way to the last one of 2019.

Now, I have something I want to say to you because, for obvious reasons, my message will be different over the next two weeks.  Many of you will be in and out of the office at different times so I want to catch you before you’re gone.

Here’s what I want to say…

I want you to be proud of the fact that you leave it all on the field every single day and you truly work diligently at making a difference in the lives of your patients.

You matter.  

What you do matters.  

We all know there are easier ways to get through a day, to go through the motions, to just collect a paycheck.  If you wanted easy breezy, you wouldn’t be here.

There is a special saying out there that many people talk about in business these days, “Doing well by doing good;” meaning making a business about more than just profits.

Your business is about more than just profits, it’s about people.

And you are about more than just a paycheck, you are what makes the ‘doing well by doing good’ for the benefit of others really happen.

As we enter into the final stretch of the year and the heart of the Holiday Season, remember the greatest gift you give to others is your love, attention, compassion, and care.  You want to do more than just get by but rather do it all with purpose and meaning.

This happens to be the best way to influence your patients to value themselves, to invest in their health, and to believe in the importance of what you do for them.

It says a lot about the person you are that you show up for more than just the money and you really care about your patients, your team members, your doctor, your performance, your contributions, and what you leave behind every day.

Keep doing well by doing good and you’ll continue to experience the greatest feelings of purpose, fulfillment and meaning.  And in case you need a reminder, you can’t find that feeling just anywhere; it’s not possible at some random job or some care-less practice.  It comes from the culture that has been created and the principles that your practice has been built upon that leads to an environment where everyone can thrive.

As we prepare to close out this year and start the next one, I hope everyone can double down their efforts, assess their potential, reflect on progress made, and burst into the New Year ready to do even bigger and more meaningful work in 2020

There’s still time left in 2019 before your buried in the snow, stuck under the tree, or riding off in your sleigh, so make the most of doing well by doing good.

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