From The Inside Out

One of the most inspiring and life-changing stories, and there were many, was from a truly remarkable team member that was having some significant struggles in her life.

Is there ever a time in your life where you felt like you were struggling?  Like your back was up against the wall?  Like you lost yourself or where just searching for something new inside of you?

Any person who is living life actively is going to come into various crossroads of thought, of decision, of ideals, of feelings, and of direction.  While some may seem very trivial when you look back on them, others might be truly life changing, course altering, and even identity saving.

One of my favorite quotes that is often on some of my Winnie The Pooh Collectibles though that’s not the origin of it (yes, I proudly collect Winnie The Pooh, and, yes long before I had a baby) is to enjoy the little things in life because someday you will wake up and realize that they were really the big things, the things that mattered the most.

This is why you have to stop and smell the roses, as they say.  Pay attention to the people, be kind, love, and live in the moment.  You can’t sacrifice the future for right now but you also can’t sacrifice right now for the future – because the ‘now’ moments are what builds tomorrow.

This is why I am dedicated to showing up right here and being with you to help remind you just how important you are, how significant what you do is to others, and most importantly how each day matters.  While you don’t have to, I hope that you do discover more meaning out of your life every day and avoid the easy path of just going through the motions.

Whether it’s doing the laundry or feeding the kids or driving to the office or talking to patients or cleaning up rooms or talking to insurance companies… 

My hope for you every single day is one thing: that you find the joy in it.

It is there.  The difference is that people go looking for it on the outside and instead it is always found on the inside.

When there is joy in your work, in your talk, in your walk, in your thoughts, in your energy, in your attitude – you’ll find it in you and in others.

As silly as it may sound, patients give money to happy people, patients do dentistry with confident doctors, patients say yes to team members who are excited – not just about dentistry – about life, about being there, about showing up, about being them.

I have some tips about this I’ll share with you next week.

Today, just marvel in being You for a minute.  I can’t imagine you wanting to be anyone else.  Be proud of who you are, be proud of what you do, be excited about where you are going, and be joyful in the process.

This might be an odd thing to some and common sense to others.  Who would have thought I’d be telling you the sweet spot of your success comes from having a happier practice and that happens when you are a happier you.

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