Fun Ways to Spring Your Practice Forward

It’s not feeling like spring everywhere just yet but it’s getting close and it is here.  Spring brings about such a great sense of renewal and a refreshed look at everything.

This is important and it is often the key to blasting you out of the winter doldrums no matter what part of the country you live in.

Whether you call it a quarterly thing or seasonal thing or however you want to look at it – it’s time to review progress and renew goals.  This week, take a fresh perspective and begin the pursuit of your next 90 days with a revitalized sense of vigor – there is no time better than the spring.

The best way to do this is attack it from both angles…

Clear out the clutter as you do that necessary spring cleaning.  This could be in your treatment rooms, reception area, supplies, computer screen all the way down to actual cleaning and refreshing the office.

Then, if you don’t have vibrant beautiful flowers on your counter, I think you miss a very small and key place to set the tone and vibe in the office.  Besides, it appears as though someone sent them to you and that’s reassuring to patients coming in.

You don’t have to repaint or get new carpet or chairs, you could, but it’s really the little things that matter and doing things for yourselves once in a while.

So, the point is do both… clear clutter and beautify.

Then on the flip side of this, it’s the perfect time to make that list that you have been avoiding and putting off.  You can divide and conquer with your team to finally check off every item.

The new software.

Fixing the camera.

Update ‘anything’.

Getting your testimonials in order (more videos, more pictures, more of everything that represents what you do).

Refresh your welcome package, your patient interview, etc.

It’s not about the need for a ‘new look.’  Because you are here, you are already doing well to begin with, but nothing helps drive energy, opportunity and attitude like a little spring invigoration that gives every nook and cranny of your practice the once over to up your game.

Today’s Huddle is simple, but it’s all about what you do with it.

Will you make the list?

Will you do the work?

You are a team for a reason.  Let’s throw down a little spring training as you come together to make it happen.  Wait until you see how you feel and the response you’ll get from your patients.

When you take just a little more pride in what you do, your patients will respond in kind and take a little more pride in what you do for them.  That means you’ll be reward with yeses, dollars and referrals.  What more could you want?

Contest time…

Send me the list you and your team come up with on all fronts and we’ll do a 90-day challenge to see if you check off and accomplish it all.  You’ll get a surprise just for participating and a big surprise for doing the best (and that’s on top of the great victory you’ll have with your numbers along the way using this as catalyst that every spring should bring).

Now get to work.  It will be summer before you know it.

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