How To Get Patients To Buy More Dentistry – Part 1

I just love this topic.  Don’t you?  It should be what is on your mind all day every day.


Not because of money.  Of course not.

Because it’s the only way you help patients.

And those that you help, they come back and they bring other people with them.

This is what every aspect of your patient experience and your practice should be designed around.  Is it?

Let me ask you these questions…

What is going on right now in your practice that detracts from the ‘buying’ of dentistry?

What is distracting your patients from the main point and purpose of why they are there?

What is taking your focus away from this purpose?

Every time you are rushed on the phone or not able to greet the patient face to face (and by name) or tied up (or exasperated) with an insurance company – you aren’t in your best shape and state to help your patients be ready for an amazing visit and to buy more dentistry.

There are so many tragic events in the World today.  It seems every week there is another heartbreaking occurrence.  Still, it has no place inside of your practice.  You are supposed to be the uplifting, positive light that interjects a SMILE into the lives of your patients and making them feel more special inside of your office than anywhere else.

You think having the news or even the TV on is doing any type of service to your patients’ mindset and attitude?  They can get that anywhere – they don’t need it from you.

Now, most reading this don’t have this problem going on but what problem do you have?  Magazines, newspapers, obnoxious patients on their cell phones in the reception area or worse yet team members on their cell phones.

I’m asking you today – right now – to discuss as a team everything that you let get in your way of helping your patients buy more dentistry.

Then commit to immediately and aggressively getting rid of and eliminating everything.  You will be amazed at what happens to the energy, the vibe and most of all the case acceptance and the willingness of your patients to buy more dentistry.

They don’t call Disney World “the happiest place on earth” for no reason.  They may be better than anyone else at getting their guests to buy more (especially and even when they came in with the idea to buy as little as possible considering the cost just to be there).

You think they are leaving it up to outside variables and negative influence to affect their business success and guest experience?  Not a chance.

What can you do to your environment, attitude and surroundings to make it more conducive to achieving successful outcomes with your patients?

I have given you lists, ideas and strategies many times in the past – today I’m not just talking about ‘tactics’ I’m talking about ‘feelings.’

Now, I’m guessing you want to get really advanced (and you should), but you won’t be ready for it until you have fixed everything I have talked about before this and you have completed the assignment.

If you want to help your patients buy more dentistry you have to remember three key principles and never lose sight of them…

#1 – You have to keep them coming back in the first place.

#2 – You don’t have to (and won’t) get everything accepted, accomplished or even brought up and diagnosed in one try or on the first visit.  It can be a process that evolves as long as you remember point #1

and finally…

#3 – With everything you say and do, and everything your patients experience, you have to always commit to being consistent, congruent and clear about your goals and what you want to have happen… which brings us full circle back to the beginning this week’s Huddle.

More on all of this and my 3 step proprietary ‘how to do exactly this’ next week…

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