How To Orchestrate Your Own Economic and Financial BOOM!

Everywhere you look – everything is booming!  The energy is alive, the economy is vibrant, people are spending money like never before.

Everywhere you look – cranes are erected as new building is underway, homes are at the highest prices in history, employment levels are the greatest it’s ever been, wages rising, taxes lowering, stock market is up more in a year than anyone would have expected.

And then we turn to dentistry.  It too has seen greater growth than ever before because more patients are putting money in their mouths as they focus on health and looking great.

There has never been a better time to slam on the gas pedal to accelerate everything you are doing and be aggressively confident about your future.

You can either join in on the fun or get run over by it.  The reality of what’s happening is undeniable – will you choose to participate?

Oh, one other thing, there is some bad news… the one thing that isn’t going up is the money being paid to you by insurance companies for what you do.  How can this be?  How can insurance companies be making more money than ever before and yet these crooks choose to continue to consolidate their plans and suppress their reimbursements.

That’s because they are doing exactly what I’m telling you to do – they are gettin’ while the gettin’ is good.  The big ones are buying up little ones and they are raking in the profits by paying you less and denying patients more.

You have heard the expression ‘take care of your own economy,’ but when you let insurance dictate everything your patients do and the flow of money into your practice, you are not controlling your own economy – they are.  Actually, you have made yourself a part of their economy instead of building up your own.

If patients don’t buy your dentistry willingly, happily and profitably for you, then you have only yourself to blame because you have conditioned them to expect free care from the insurance and commoditized your care.

I challenge you to join this movement as more dentists take control of their own economies and build a practice on the foundation of relationship with patients, profitable dentistry and a practice that is not dependent on insurance.

This requires your decision to go step up your responsibility and stop accepting just ‘the dentistry you get’ and start creating the dentistry you want so you can finally do justice by your patients, your team, your own skills, your passion and your investment into your career.

You didn’t do all of this, come this far, be who you are to then be told what you can charge and how much you should get paid.

I don’t care if you are at the peak of your career, on your way out, just starting up; I don’t care whether you are having your best year ever or struggling to get by – the bottom line is you are building your practice on shaky ground if you are relying on insurance money to pay your bills.

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to talk you through the core shifts you must make if you want to ride this wave of incredible growth and become part of the economic explosion that is taking place.  Should you choose to embrace and follow the guidance I will unveil to you – you will be in position to prosper beyond anything you could have imagined before.

It’s happening everywhere else.  Why not in your practice?

Ask yourself what are all the things holding you back, how are you limiting yourself, what is restricting your ability to achieve your ideal practice?  It’s this list we are going to crush, destroy and relinquish you from once and for all.

The concept is very straightforward…

If you want the rewards of the current economic boom, then you have to be willing to put yourself out there in front of the growth and set your practice up for success on purpose (not an accident, not by happenstance, not randomly).

I call it your purpose, passion, and profits.  When these three align and your team and systems are dialed in to match you will be unstoppable.  I’m here to tell you this is only just the beginning.

If you are ready to initiate and sustain your own game plan for explosive financial success without selling out, needing volumes of patients or piling on more insurance while actually working smarter and probably a lot less – then you can start right now with this special gift I’m providing to you right here…

Win Big in 2018 With Your Customized Practice Game Plan >>>

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