Making Your Practice More Profitable – Part 2

Before we dive right back into building a practice that will last and serve the greater good of your life (in addition to your team and your patients), I want to make sure you didn’t miss my release of Built To Last.

You Can Still Grab One of The Free Copies of My New Book Here…

This is the most timely and relevant piece you will find in our Industry today – I say very humbly and also extremely confidently – because everyone else is still caught up in the moment, they are losing sight of the bigger picture of the stability and autonomy your practice is supposed to provide.

Those that stay stuck are going to miss out on the greatest growth opportunity Dentistry has seen since the cosmetic craze and smile-makeover wave that swept the country when people started giving themselves permission to look great.  You might remember depending on how long you have been in practice, or maybe you missed that one too. 

What I can tell you is: right now, every patient is doing more than giving themselves permission to get healthy, they are giving themselves permission to do it quickly.  

There has never been a more opportune time to refocus and reeducate your patients on their health, behavior, and lifestyle and ultimately upgrading their view of the value of dentistry.

Consider this my Great Dental Practice Comeback gift to you:

Claim Your Copy of My Latest Book: Built To Last

Inside, you will discover how to close the gaps in your practice that steal the cash flow that would otherwise go straight to your bottom line.  Imagine doubling your profitability (i.e. your personal income) without any additional stress, hours, headaches, or overhead.

This is my healthy growth philosophy and the pillars that lead to a practice that is built to last and operated on the terms you set.

Look, if this isn’t a strong enough motivation for you, after having survived the shutdown and the layers of regulations that you are now hamstrung by – then perhaps I should share a few facts about a profitable practice.

Most importantly, when you experience profit growth it means you are helping your patients in a more complete way and therefore making a more significant and lasting difference on their lives.

One of the terms I coined to define the single greatest underlying current of influence and growth in dentistry and that’s the Small Practice Revolution which embodies many of these profit drivers. 

The idea that bigger is not always (and actually is very seldom) better.  Regardless of whether you have three or thirty ops you can embrace the principles and approach of what a “small practice” is all about…

Relationship based; time with patients; full fee; and comprehensive education, diagnosis, presentation, acceptance, and ultimately dentistry.

The emphasis is not on the size of the practice but what the practice actually accomplishes for its patients, team, and doctor.

You can do a lot of dentistry in a short period of time if it is organized properly which is a function of every single aspect of the patient experience, the team communication, and the systems that you have in place from start to finish.  As I like to say: from phone call to follow-through.

And, by the way, no matter how you define your practice as a business, a dental practice privately owned is a “small business” and it must operate not on corporate illusions but on the integrity of entrepreneurial ideals.

There is no business that can be optimized for it’s potential if it is making decisions based on numbers and money alone – like a corporation.  You, your practice, and dentistry must be founded on something deeper than that.

Profit is the result of business done right.

Everything from my reverse engineering your goals to your dentistry, the development of systems and team members that match your philosophy, and crafting an experience that brings to life your dentistry with your patients, all leads to your ability to create a practice that will deliver life changing results for your patients and life changing income for the people that are taking care of them.

It is also the switch from overhead heavy to profit loaded by generating a positive net gain in cash flow each and every day.

There is no greater asset to anyone’s wealth than one’s own business – but it can also be a very stressful liability, a burden to your peace of mind, a detriment to your lifestyle, a hindrance to your health, and a distraction from your family – if it isn’t done right.

Right now, you have a chance to do it better than you’ve done before and to set it up to achieve your state of ideal.  No matter what you have achieved in the past, there are no limits to what can be created for your future.

Next week, I’m going to walk you through the profit pillars and position you for better leverage to achieve even beyond your goals.

But, before I do that, I’m asking you to take a hard look at the weeks you have been open so far and to visualize out the months ahead.  Consider July 2020 the restart to your year and make it the new January 2020.  Ask yourself exactly where you want to be, what you want to see different, and how you would like to elevate your game by January 2021.

It maybe half as long but we can – I assure you – accomplish twice as much!  There is nothing holding you back and anything is possible with your built to last practice.

It starts right now with your free copy of my brand new book… 

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