Giving The Gift Of Deserve To Your Patients

There is nothing that is more important and significant to your work, engagement and relationship with your patients than your ability to help them believe and realize just how much they are deserving of what you can do. All too often people relate every decision with the investment that is required to make the benefits… Read more »

Giving The Gift Of Possibilities – Part 2

Well, what is an idea without the tactical steps to make it come to life in your practice?  I loved the feedback and stories you shared with me in response to last week’s Huddle. There is no greater privilege a person can have than to gift someone belief and hope in what’s possible.  That’s why… Read more »

Giving The Gift Of Possibilities – Part 1

Of course, I’m going to talk about gift giving… it’s December.  Certainly, you have heard my talk about problems and possibilities.  If you haven’t, it is a complete practice potential liberator and the surest way to breakthrough the plateaus holding you back from helping your patients. Today, as I try to do often, I want… Read more »