The Power (and PROFIT) of Quality Questions!

I could give you many examples and analogies on this one. You know, the two ears and one mouth – shhhhh…ut up and listen, philosophy. At the end of the day, the questions you ask in your life will determine what life will bring back to you. When you are a LEADER of people, both… Read more »

A Great Quote For You & Your Team

Last week we talked about PLAYING BIG – and every week I work hard to bring you things that both motivate you and inspire you to action – and while doing that provide you with tactical strategies and different ways of thinking about your Practice and Patients so you can find success in ways that… Read more »

The Fastest Way To Establish Trust

This past Sunday, while talking with one of my Star Dentist Clients and good friends in the amazing city of Toronto, she said to me and I quote “I really appreciate your process and going through this because it makes me relate to and feel what my patients feel when they go through the experience… Read more »