Your Next Daily Focus – Proactivity

Here we go, another Daily Focus starting with a “P” but this is no gimmick, there is so much POWER in these words.  I have seen and heard the progress from so many teams who are taking these Daily (keyword) Focuses seriously – great work! Everyone wants to know the “secrets” to doing more and… Read more »

Your Next Daily Focus – Preparation

I’ve gotten great feedback so far on the “new year” approach of Daily Focuses.  These are the things that will really make a difference.  Everyone loves the “new” and the “different” because they get bored with the same-old same-old. Yet, it’s daily focuses that are practiced (though they can’t ever be perfected) that stay on… Read more »

Being More Purposeful With Patient Interactions Part 2

You might wonder why I title this “Being More Purposeful With Patient Interactions” and yet I’m talking about everything BUT patients at the moment. You understand that communication is everything.  In fact, it’s the only thing that defines the “interactions” with your patients.  The big problem is when you think of communication only as spoken… Read more »

Your Next Daily Focus – Purposeful

In Last Friday’s Weekly Report, I began a segment about having meaningful and purposeful patient interactions.  In communication, in diagnosis and in general to begin building relationships and creating trust. I laid out exactly how important it is to have an effective Huddle every day that drives this very thing – the purposefulness of your teamwork… Read more »