Expanding Your Practice Profit Potential – Part 1

Well, did you do the math last week?  Did you determine your growth margin and profitability potential?  The previous Weekly Report should have been like x-Ray vision into your practice helping you to discover the proper profit math necessary to achieve your goals and to identify gaps where money is being lost. This is critically important stuff,… Read more »

Getting Lucky In Life

Every year I get to write about St. Patrick’s Day and while it maybe an Irish celebration, anyone can take part in the lucky traditions. The reality of life is, as you well know, that whatever luck we have is just perception in the first place.  I won’t say it’s exclusively self created but that is… Read more »

The Fastest Way To A More Profitable Practice

For the independent private practice owner, like you, last week’s Report should have been a manifesto creator, at the very least.  You are used to me giving you permission to do it all on your own terms but last week I really gave you structure for assessing where you are and challenging yourself to expect more… Read more »

What Do You Expect… From Yourself?

Last week, you made a list and did a little personal check-in.  Hopefully you assessed your progress year-to-date to find out how you stack up with where you thought you’d be. Now, onward and upward as we March forward and take action on your highest value priorities in order to continue making progress. I remind you… Read more »

Dentistry’s Profit vs Joy Dilemma

Which is more important in dentistry: the profit or the joy?  You might be surprised to know the answer to that question gets split right down the middle, depending on a doctor’s perspective. Some doctors see dentistry as a means to an end.  They don’t mind doing it but they love doing other things too.  Instead it’s a… Read more »