“All I Want For Christmas Is…”

When you answer that for yourself, is the first thing that comes to mind some ‘thing’ such as a tv, tablet, purse, kitchen gadget, power tool, or whatever the latest gizmo may be. If it is, that’s just fine.  This is and always will be a zero-judgment zone.  I would say it’s good to have ‘that’ type… Read more »

Give This To Everyone You Can

I wonder what your initial reaction was when reading the title.  It could certainly apply to a variety of topics these days.  Did you expect a dire warning?  Or perhaps a hopeful message to lift up others?  You might take a moment to reflect.  What you anticipated might reveal your level of optimism this morning. This really has little to… Read more »

The Tale Of Two Doctors – Part 2

What we all know, and you certainly do because you execute it with patients’ health every single day, is that if we want a specific outcome from something you have to do specific things to get it. If we go back to our story about two different doctors living relatively the same career paths and… Read more »

Why You’ll Read This Monday Huddle

Tis the season – finally – in a year where so much has been unprecedented, challenging, and tragic.  It has been difficult enough to just stay focused on the positive and keeping your wits about you when there is always something around the corner that could be considered another setback. You have your kids and school,… Read more »