How To Prevent Problems Before They Happen… and Achieve More Profits AND Peace of Mind In Your Practice

If you really study the last several Weekly Reports, you will see an underlying theme that ties into one of my core principles in life and business.  It takes the concept of being proactive to an entirely new and more advanced (and therefore valuable) level. This is summarized by my belief that the single greatest… Read more »

Don’t You Love It When A Plan Comes Together

The other day, on our Monthly Practice Profit Accelerator Call, Kevin and I shared a story from one of our Superstar Doctors.  She said the patient came in certain of needing nothing.  Yet, after the new patient experience was complete, the patient just scheduled for everything listed on the comprehensive treatment plan. She went on… Read more »

The Paradigm Shift That Ends All Frustration

We are picking up right where we left off last week.  The biggest problem across the board in business is being reactive and waiting to deal with problems, objections, challenges, or anything else instead of getting out ahead of it and being proactive in decisions, behaviors, and perhaps especially with communication. It’s not a coincidence… Read more »

What Are You REALLY Selling Anyway?

Last week, we talked about this whole “selling” thing and how most people get it all wrong because they are busy selling “the thing” instead of the outcome and benefits. We also talked about the fact that selling is nothing more than encouraging, motivating, influencing and compelling someone to action.  Even education is selling. Your… Read more »