Back To School With Your Patient Experience

Our back to school topic this week is a BIG one.  While they are all vitally important and you can’t have one without the other, this one is an absolute difference maker. We’re talking about going back to school with your Patient Experience. Now, it’s important that you understand your patient experience (and your expectations for… Read more »

Back To School With Your Team

We are beginning our series on Back To School, as you would expect this time of year.  I gave you a bit of an orientation last week.  I hope you did the work.  Many did, as I got more comments than usual, which I read each and every single one of them.  Thank you to those who participated. Those… Read more »

The 4 Ways Patients Experience Your Practice

We discuss a broad range of topics here in our weekly Monday Morning Huddles.  From concepts to activities, philosophy to strategy, and even specific questions to ask or phrases to use.  Today, I’d like to revisit a very important principle and use it to bring together much of what we’ve discussed over the past several weeks… Read more »