How To Make Every Patient Worth More PROFIT To You

I’d like to conclude my discussion and in-depth training on Patient Retention this month (though you should never conclude yours because it’s never over; you can’t afford to take your eye off the ball), with four more important principles to embrace as part of the culture and philosophy of your practice. If you want to have… Read more »

How Practice Growth Can Be Manufactured

If you think about the theme we have been covering over the past several weeks, you should be coming to the conclusion that you are totally in control over your practice growth, if you want to be. That is because if you have embraced my core principle of focusing on the diagnostic value of your… Read more »

How To Keep Patients Coming Back – Part 2

Let’s have some fun, shall we?  Do you?  Everyday?  I hope so because what you may not realize is the more fun you have the more your patients will say yes to you and have fun too! Fun is never a “No.”  When you have fun in your practice with your patients and with each… Read more »

Why You Lose Patients (New and Old)!

This week, I unveiled my 6 step system for mining the gold in your practice by mastering patient retention. This is the most important thing!  Is there really anything else that is more important and more worthy of your time, attention and investment? If you missed this training, you don’t want to.  So, I’ll be nice… Read more »