Digging Deep Into What Really Matters

That hit a nerve last week, but it got you to stop for a minute and really ask yourselves what the hell is going on.  Whether it’s a good going on or a challenging going on, it’s still important to at least know what is going on.  That’s the only way we can make it… Read more »

The Fastest Way To Make (and Keep) More Money!

In many businesses, they establish a profit margin per customer and then they keep growing the number of customers in order to maximize profit.  This is because they have the ability to scale. You have zero scale. In dentistry, unless robots end up doing it or you can practice virtually without requiring space in your… Read more »

Why Don’t We (You) Do More, More Often?

I always feel fortunate to have such passionate Doctors and Team Members who really care and take what you all do very seriously.  They want to get better and keep growing and learning. This provides me the great privilege of being your fearless leader along the way to inspire, guide, challenge, push, motivate and invigorate… Read more »

Team-Driven Huddle Series Begins Today

Well, how did it feel?  Did you do anything special yet for your Spring Cleaning and Decluttering? I did.  I threw away a bunch of old files, tossed out boxes of outdated materials, organized a couple of book shelves and even tackled a closet.  Just had to do it. This is one of those things… Read more »