Be Your Best In The New Year

Every year I challenge our great Doctors to think ahead over the next 12 months to ask themselves what they wish to be different and how they’d like to see themselves improve in the new year. I challenge you to do the same. The big difference in effective goal setting is in focusing on the… Read more »

Here Comes 2020 – How To Win Big!

As the world turns and the calendar changes, you have an opportunity to design the next year to be whatever you want.  To do the same, to do differently, to do very differently – both inside and outside of your practice. I’ve always preferred the approach to simplify life every year by refocusing on the… Read more »

When “Growth” Is Not The Answer

Sometimes Doctors misinterpret my intention for “growth.”  Meaning they make it out as though I think their practice should always get bigger, bigger, bigger.  And actually, that’s quite the opposite of what I want. Yes, I want you to grow but growth often can come without it having anything to do with size (i.e. how… Read more »

Doing Well By Doing Good

Well, we are down to the home stretch.  Very few clinical days remain in the entire year of 2019.  You have just about made it.  The question, of course, is never about how you start, it is always about how you finish.  That’s not to say you are off the hook for beginning the New… Read more »

How To Achieve (Not Just Set) BIGGER Goals In 2020

There is a giant difference between self-doubt and self-reflection.  Most Doctors spend their lifetime doubting everything… their fees, their diagnosis, their teams, their leadership, their practice direction. They are always wondering if they should be doing something different.  This comes out as the never-ending and elusive search for greener grass.  Well let me rephrase that… Read more »