The Tale Of Two Doctors – Part 1

I want you to imagine for a moment two doctors.  Maybe these two doctors are your friends from Dental School or you know them from a local study club or a perhaps a continuing education course.  Each started out at the same point with the same motivation to become a Dentist and own a practice. Now, take… Read more »

“All I Want BEFORE Christmas”

I know it might seem a little early but the final stretch is upon us.  In fact, given this year, most people just can’t wait for the Holidays or even the year to come to an end. The shopping season is certainly well underway.  Though they call today “Cyber Monday” the reality is everyday has… Read more »

Next, Implementing Your Practice Success Formula

Last week, I broke down for you the significance behind putting math to work in your favor inside of your practice by taking deliberate control over the formula that makes your business work and your profits possible. All too often Doctors become frustrated with a plateau that they experience either financially or clinically (or even… Read more »