Mastering The Five “P’s”

You’ve heard this…but how does it apply to every single day in the operations of your Practice. Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance I’m going to take this backwards to help you understand and fully execute an aggressive and effective overall approach to your daily success. If there was one thing that could make an incredible… Read more »

Why Attitude Matters and How To Win With Yours!

Today, I’m going to give you the most powerful catalyst (or deterrent) to your Team’s success you will ever read about or have someone tell you. Most won’t, because they are scared or simply too politically correct. They instead prefer to tell people what they want to hear, not what is actual truth. This week,… Read more »

A Personal Story with Lifelong Impact

Today is the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship, so I thought I would share a story rooted in my own basketball days. Way back when I was in 8th Grade playing basketball on the School Team and I had a coach who said something that I still remember to this day (and probably the single most… Read more »