The 2 Biggest Breakthroughs You’ll Ever Have… Guaranteed!

The number one thing we receive as the highest priority and most important “area of improvement” for Practices BY TEAM MEMBERS … let me repeat this is, from surveys, questionnaires and personal interviews with TEAM MEMBERS is … the desire for improved teamwork and communication. Hands down, every time. Some will say it differently. More… Read more »

Defining Size: Big VS Small Practices

Let me be clear. I love ‘big’ Practices when they are done right. I am a great advocate, strategist, and creator of Associate Based Dentistry. Yet, I don’t care how many ops you have, you can be ‘small’ and be big and dumb in your operational methods or you can be ‘big’ and be small… Read more »

BIG Dentistry in SMALL Practices – The Truth

There’s a movement happening right now.  Quietly, unadvertised, not talked about.  And it’s getting bigger and bigger and bigger. The movement goes against everything everyone thinks is true; as all movements do.  It spits in the face of the negative naysayers, of the excuse makers and of the evil forces that try to sour our… Read more »