How To Keep Patients Coming Back – Part 1

We all know that most practices loss ‘em as fast as they get ‘em.  You see it every week, certainly every month… patients cancel, don’t show up, come in and never come back. It’s unfortunate but it’s reality because we have to keep piling on more new patients over and over again.  Every month you… Read more »

Play Defense for Patient Retention

I’ve saved the best for last.  Whether you get five patients a month or 100+, doesn’t matter.  Only two things matter: first, how much treatment did they do and second, are they still your patient today. For our specialists, who are turning over patients without means for long term relationship, the point is keeping referral… Read more »

The Science of Growing Profitable Production

Before we get to the science, we must first agree on some basic principles.  First, realize that most practices are built on four in-flows of production… 1st – Existing patients coming in for Hygiene that have a single tooth problem 2nd – Hygiene production itself 3rd – Emergency patients doing some treatment to get them… Read more »