The Real Problem With “Selling”

So often in dentistry both doctors and team members alike get a bad taste in their mouths and feel resistant to the idea of “selling.”  This reaction is primarily driven by two issues.  First, the fact that it implies you are having to convince someone to do something they otherwise wouldn’t do.  Second, because it… Read more »

Practice Success Made Simple – Part 3

So far, we have taken a thorough look at “beginning with the end in mind” for all aspects of your practice and really your life in general with Dentistry serving as a vehicle for all of the other things you want to do. I’ve broken down how knowing the desired outcome facilitates the decisions that… Read more »

Practice Success Made Simple – Part 2

Picking up from last week, I start with one of my favorite observations about true ‘Masters of their crafts.’  That you can’t tell whether it is work or play because it all looks like one in the same.  Ultimately, for the real Masters, it is. That said, doing anything for the sake of just doing… Read more »

How To Make Dentistry Matter To Your Patients

As we discussed last week, if you want to move your patients forward with their dentistry and health – you first have to move them forward with their mind and vision, both real and imagined. This is why the use of photographs is critical but still not enough because the use of photographs sells only… Read more »