Making Your Lists and Checking Them Twice

Not to be all ‘bah humbug’ on you but I feel like a Scrooge when people don’t maximize their time and get enough things done.  Yes, you’re busy (especially this time of year) but busy doing what? If you can learn one thing from Santa, it’s that you need The List.  Without it, important priorities,… Read more »

Being Your Patients’ Santa Claus

Ah, yes, it’s only the week after Thanksgiving and the holiday flurry begins.  Sure, it’s probably already started long ago but with all of the activities, gifts, celebrations and festivities, there is just too much to fit into so little time. So, whatever you do for Christmas, Hanukkah, or your Holidays Season keep it fun… Read more »

What Are You Thankful For?

Is there another question that puts life into perspective like this one? This week, we are given a day to reflect on, be grateful for, and give thanks for all that we have (people, places, opportunities, health, and bounty of all kinds). As I will reference in many places ‘this time of year,’ for me… Read more »