Today or Tomorrow – What’s the Difference

One of the first lessons that I instill in our Doctors and Team Members regarding their ability to influence patients to make smart decisions about their health is getting them to fully embrace and take ownership over this one important principle. The initial thinking of a patient is if this treatment doesn’t need to happen… Read more »

Why Dentistry Is Coming Back Stronger Than Others

Today, we are celebrating you, celebrating dentistry, celebrating the greatest industry in the country to call your home, your profession, your business, your livelihood.  It is the perfect vehicle chosen by you to live out your purpose, fuel your passion, and earn your profits. Last week, they told us that Dentistry was one of the… Read more »

Making The Most Of Your Opportunity To Help Patients Now

I know, I’m a broken record on this, but it is worth repeating and emphasizing again and again. Right now, with every single individual patient visit, you have this one and only opportunity to “reset” their vision for health and their value over themselves with a fresh perspective. This does not require significantly more time…. Read more »

Remember Why They Are Here

Today, June 1st, is an important day for many of you.  For others, it was the first of May as their official “restart.”  It’s been two full months (one sixth of your year) that you’ve been on the sidelines and now you’re back! Whether this is DAY NUMBER ONE or MONTH NUMBER TWO doesn’t matter;… Read more »