Turning Temporary Challenge into Permanent Change

Last week, I heard a great phrase and I’m certain it’s not the first time but it struck me as powerful and fitting – not just for right now, not just for the past year – but for every single moment of life. It will serve a positive “reminder” for any Champion.  That is… ALL CHALLENGE… Read more »

Breaking The Time Constraint In The Game Of Dentistry – Part 2

As we continue our theme about breaking through the limitations of time, we are going to into very specific tactics and details today. It’s an interesting saying “time is of the essence,” isn’t it?  Maybe it’s the most accurate phrase there is.  Essence implies an indispensable quality, which there is nothing more so than time. When we… Read more »

How To Prevent Mistakes and Missed Opportunities

Well, have you tried it?  I mean really tried it, embraced it, lived it – have you done the work?  Visualizing your day and preparing for it in advance. The technical “success principle” term is called: Scripting.  Scripting out your day in advance knowing exactly what would happen.  Don’t think of this as writing out every conversation word for… Read more »

Breaking The Time Constraint In The Game Of Dentistry – Part 1

Have you embraced the three necessary shifts in valuing, and therefore elevating, your time?  Did you think through your views of dollars and hours?  How contemplating the highest leverage and most productive ways to make your time worth more to you? I hope so.  The conscious awareness over your time leads to more purposeful action and more fulfilling… Read more »

2 Powerful Habits For Daily Success

There may not be anything more important to do in your day than to start it off right.  Have you ever hit the snooze for an extra five or ten or fifteen minutes and then you just happen to be running behind about that much the rest of the day? Of course, you’ve got a bit… Read more »