Creating Trust With Patients [Part 5 of 7]

We are making our way through these incredible Trust Factors.  Who would think that trust is what leads a patient to say yes or no, or to commit to coming back or not?  You, probably, because you are smart.  That’s why you are here. No gimmicks, no insurance, no discounts, no trickery, nor anything else… Read more »

Advanced Handoff Tactics For Success – Part 2

Now, we introduce THE SUPER HERO – The Doctor! Yes, I know you know that I always talk about the Doctor being the Super Hero.  This is because so many doctors spend all their time being the villain by talking about the problems patients have and all the clinical mumbo jumbo that patients do not… Read more »

Creating Trust With Patients [Part 4 of 7]

I have been known for more than a dozen years for saying “THE BEST PATIENTS ARE THE MOST EDUCATED PATIENTS,” and they always will be.  HOWEVER, I’m not talking about ‘clinical education’ – nope, not a chance because the best patients do not want to know all about the bells and whistles.  They just want… Read more »

Advanced Handoff Tactics For Success – Part 1

Today, we are going to focus on ‘state of ideal’ when it comes to communication and your patients doing exactly as you say and your system for handoffs going exactly the way you want. Later this month, we’ll move on to the wild and crazy questions from your patients as well as flat out obstinate… Read more »

Creating Trust With Patients [Part 3 of 7]

The last two weeks we have tied in two of the most advanced trust building patient engagement concepts that nearly every practice completely ignores or leaves up to chance by sheer negligence. This is a big mistake.  Leaving either one of these core trust concepts out or dealing with it accidentally instead of deliberately will… Read more »