The Proverb That Sums Up Patient Responsibility

Talk about leading a horse to water, I’m sure you feel like that with your patients sometimes.  It’s actually a very fitting proverb.  You tell them, you show them, you do everything you can to get them to understand and see the importance of what you are advising them to do and still, perhaps all… Read more »

The 4 Traits of a Championship Team

I’m known for using a lot of sports analogies.  I gravitate towards them because we should take business and practice ownership as seriously as athletes do a competition.  If everyone did exactly that, outcomes would be far different. There is just too much room for error, built-in excuses, ‘live to fight another day’ mentality, and complacency with… Read more »

This One Is For The…

I hear about all kinds of ways teams use these Monday Morning Huddles.  I find the creativity inspiring and most of all the application of what I write to you admirable. My primary purposes are always the same: motivation, inspiration, refocus, and refuel for your week ahead.  It also serves as a weekly reminder that it’s not… Read more »

The Origin of Success in One Sentence…

We all can agree that dentistry has the capacity for doctors to reach their true potential.  Then why is there such a big achievement gap between the ones that struggle and those that thrive, regardless of practice size or location or any other variable. I’ll tell you. The biggest challenge that holds back a doctor from… Read more »

Celebrating Your Independence

Yesterday was the official time to celebrate our Independence.  Yet, I believe we can celebrate this every day.  This is not just about our Country, it is about our way of life. You wake up each day deciding what to eat, what to wear, how to get to work, and even where to work.  Just about every… Read more »