Improving Patient Outcomes – Strategy 2

There is nothing that moves a patient forward more than the positive energy inside of your practice and your own enthusiasm and confidence about what you are suggesting to them. Last week, I gave you a great strategy to create the motivation for your patients to move forward with what is in their best interests…. Read more »

Improving Patient Outcomes – Strategy 1

As promised, over the next few weeks, I will provide you some specific tactics and strategies to improve your patient outcomes.  And by that I mean getting more patients to follow through with treatment and think more favorably about their experience at your practice.  This will yield patients who are more likely to refer and who happily… Read more »

Permission to Dream, Desire, Strive and Achieve…

There are many guiding principles that are at the core of why I am successful at helping and facilitating my doctors’ successes.  These are not common principles and not common successes, either.  Most of these achievements extend beyond anything they could have really imagined possible before and certainly beyond what any of their colleagues would believe. Among… Read more »