What You Do Next Year Matters

Here we go again.  It comes around but once a year.  For some New Year’s Eve is the biggest party of the year – I always wonder if it’s because of what they are leaving behind or because of what lies ahead. Today, on this final tick of the clock for 2018, I challenge you… Read more »

Giving The Gift Of Deserve To Yourself

Yes, it’s my lucky day.  I get to talk about the most amazing concept ever on Christmas Eve.  We’ll be picking right up from last week, as I want to really drive this home. Here’s the thing, as I said before, the gift of deserve is not just for your patients.  It is for you!… Read more »

The Common Misconception About Dental Success

Just the other day I had the privilege of being a guest for a highly regarded Doctor’s Monthly Training for his Study Club Members.  He asked several great questions plus one trick question.  He chose this one question in particular so his Doctors could be reminded about the philosophy I’m going to share with you… Read more »