The Science of Growing Profitable Production

Before we get to the science, we must first agree on some basic principles.  First, realize that most practices are built on four in-flows of production… 1st – Existing patients coming in for Hygiene that have a single tooth problem 2nd – Hygiene production itself 3rd – Emergency patients doing some treatment to get them… Read more »

The ONE Trait That IS the Deciding Factor for Success

If you were to figure out one common underlining talent and characteristic of the greatest performers in any profession (sports, business, entertainment, arts, dentistry – literally anything), what would you say it was? You could say many things… Vision.  Ambition.  Focus.  Discipline.  Determination. You can make your own list of what a Championship Level Player… Read more »

Play Defense for Treatment Acceptance

A few weeks back, we began a discussion about Offense and Defense inside your practice.  There could not be two more important topics.  Offense is pretty obvious and my Huddle outlined it beautifully for you to fully be aware of “point scoring” opportunities with your patients every day. Defense on the other hand… It’s tough. … Read more »

Time To Prepare For Your Championship Year

The key word in that title is PREPARE.  If there is one thing that most doctors do not do enough of it’s prepare – to be successful in their practices. They prepare clinically, for a case, or treatment plan, usually doing it at the last minute of course before a presentation.  They might study something… Read more »