Practice Success Through A Balanced Life – Part 6

I can’t tell you how much I have looked forward to writing this final part of our series about practice success through consistency.  I do have to emphasize to you that your dedicated review and focus on the core leverage points of your practice is the only thing that will result in more consistency in your results.




Yes, it is easy to get distracted or even forget about all the things that actually make your practice work.  It is very easy to lose sight of – amidst all the busyness – not only the most important tasks and priorities daily but even the actual highest purpose and mission of your practice.

All too often Patients walk out less motivated than when they walked in.  They come to your office looking for solutions.  Your job is to discover what is in their best interest and motivate them through building enough value of the outcome to then deliver on their desire to leave in greater health.

Every one of the components I walk you through deserves dedicated reflection and disciplined implementation for your own success system based on your preferences.

Remember this is all about seamless cohesion of one connected patient experience continuum; not disjointed parts of phone, front desk, insurance, clinical doctor, treatment plan, and so on and so forth.  It needs to be seamless where all parts are interconnected and support each other.  When you have that flow dialed in, you know and patients experience it.  You can count up the results in size of appointments in your schedule and case acceptance at the end of the day.

Those are ultimately the numbers that tells us everything.  There can be lots of fluff but it boils down to this: how many patients did we help say yes to significantly improve their health and excitedly pay you to do it.

Now, that’s a big long review to give you a gut check to not just read these Weekly Reports but to take action on them.  Especially when I put a series together like this as a comprehensive collection that will allow you to discover ways to work smarter not harder in areas in which you might actually be working against yourself.

Like I always say: sometimes you just have to SLOW DOWN to SPEED UP.

Process to Results

Experience to Outcome

Diagnosis to Acceptance

Reflection to Decision

Now, that leads me to this final point I want to make and I’m beyond serious about it.  This is without question the FIRST and FOREMOST important area of consistency that you need to have in place for yourself.

That is the consistency of a “balanced life.”

First of all, you are here (and most likely have been for years and years), so you know when I say “balanced life” that doesn’t mean NO WORK, it doesn’t mean easy street, and it doesn’t mean anything about X hours in the office = X hours out.  We aren’t talking about BALANCE like that.

What we are talking about is Balance defined by…

1. You practice on your own terms

2. You have your schedule set up the way you want it

3. You have a healthy and comfortable routine

4. You are not carrying practice baggage home (that doesn’t mean you can’t read, study, think, prepare, etc.)

5. You can’t bring ‘home’ into the office (that means stay focused – no team members want to see you on facebook or planning your next vacation or doing anything that isn’t focused on making the most of the day, exactly like the way you expect them to perform)

Your ability to consistently have a Balanced Life means that you aren’t blowing off team member reviews, that you aren’t behind on treatment plans, that you are of a positive attitude every morning and leading the charge.  It means that you are taking care of yourself so you can take care of your patients.

I can tell you that practice plateaus are 100% first a plateau in Doctors’ minds and/or behaviors.  They are out of balance with their goals and actions.

Tactically, this is the number one complaint of team members across the board.  The Doctor’s inconsistency in communication, decisions, sometimes even treatment planning, meetings and the list goes on.

If you think about a person who is a little sluggish we are going to look at diet, sleep, stress, anxiety, health, habits, fitness, etc.

And of course, it is usually a combination of all of these things because they all affect each other, but first we have to know WHAT IS OUT OF BALANCE.  We are not looking for band aids to cover up, we are searching for balance.

Your business and life are too valuable for band aids.  Instead, you should demand and be dedicated to having BALANCE in your lifestyle for both business and personal so that you can see more clearly, operate more effectively, lead more passionately, practice more deliberately, and ultimately live more purposefully.

Now your job is to define what “Balance” looks like for you.

Think about your state of ideal and write out your life as you see it for next year, for a typical week, and for a typical day.

We’ll cover this topic soon after a special edition Report next week.  I’m going to dedicate our time together during the month of Thanksgiving to having more BALANCE in your life and practice.

You can super charge your Practice as a vehicle to take you to greater places of significance in your life and business and arrive at a more consistent level of balance in everything you do.

I will leave you with this: all of the business systems and people in your practice can only be improved to the degree that you continue to improve yourself.

The Leader has to want to make it to the top and be dedicated to consistency more so than anyone else – every day with every patient – because this is the foundation to all accomplishments.

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