Success Traits of Championship Dental Teams – Part 2

For the most part, no one achieves something they do not think is possible.  At least they don’t consistently achieve something that they have doubts about in any way.

Therefore, all limitations begin first with belief.

Especially in what you do everyday, helping your patients get healthy, belief affects every aspect of care, patient engagement and the overall success of your practice.

Belief about patients and money.

Belief about insurance.

Belief about patients’ interest in cosmetics.

Belief about the ease and effectiveness of referrals.

Belief about questions on the phone call.

Belief about your ability to control patients with scheduling, investment, decisions and pretty much everything else.

Championship Teams don’t buy into perceived limitations.  Your beliefs directly impact your ability to be a great team member to those around you (not only your belief in yourself but your belief in others).

If you doubt others or lack confidence in those around you – you are, not them, actually sabotaging their ability to do well.

Here’s a simple rule when it comes to overcoming limitations…

Begin first by looking at it in completely the opposite way than you are now.

Example:  Patients have a hard time affording dentistry or they will think it’s too expensive.

A few side notes…  Expensive is relative to value.  If anyone believes you to be “expensive” then you are in their eyes over-priced.  Which is your fault, not theirs, because you have not shown enough value to bring the patient to a level of appreciation about your services.  You may not be ‘affordable’ for them but you should never be seen as ‘expensive.’  You must tackle and deal with that conversation head on.

If any of these thoughts come into your mind, you are failing yourself and your patients because you are starting from a position of doubting the success you will have.

Back to the example…  Try looking at the opposite.  At first you believed it was what the patient expected to happen that mattered.  What if you choose to believe that it’s what YOU expect the outcome to be.  It begins with you – not them.

You must believe first that you are worth it.  Of course, people will enjoy investing in their care with you because of the benefits you bring to them.  You know they will happily find ways to afford that which they want and deserve because you have been a guide to them to motivate and influence them.

Another example:  The phone rings and a patient asks a question.  The normal mindset might be that what a patient says determines if they schedule an appointment.  Instead, why not approach it from the opposite and decide that it’s what YOU say that will be all the difference.  So, next time, you return by doing the opposite of answering the question and you ask a question of your own in order to take control.

Another example:  A team member is doing poorly and frustrating you.  Instead of thinking your standard thought of “he/she never listens” (which only make it worse), think the opposite.  Perhaps you aren’t listening to what they need.  What can you do to be of better support and service to them?  Ask how you can help, ask what they need, confront politely and say you know they are capable of more and there must be something that is missing from training, communication, resources or understanding.

You should be getting the idea.

Everything begins with you and your thinking.

Your goal should be to root out all perceived limitations and ask yourself what are you doing to enable them to exist.  Then flip what you see as the cause or reason why.  You will see how 180-degree perspective all of the sudden gives you the power to make a difference.

Funny, or not so much, when you worry about making mistakes – you make more.

When you are focused on success – you do it a lot more often than you don’t.

Most limitations don’t have to exist.  Unless you give them permission to with the way you think about them to begin with.

Of course, there are ‘real’ limitations (some are still self-induced), that must be dealt with because they won’t dissolve themselves.  We’ll get to that advanced discussion next week.

For now, play a game and see how much easier it is to win every day by expecting things to go your way and seeing opportunities instead of limitations.

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