Team-Driven Huddle Series Begins Today

Well, how did it feel?  Did you do anything special yet for your Spring Cleaning and Decluttering?

I did.  I threw away a bunch of old files, tossed out boxes of outdated materials, organized a couple of book shelves and even tackled a closet.  Just had to do it.

This is one of those things that just proves that sanity is in the simple.  There is nothing that opens the mind to opportunity than decluttering and cleaning.

Try it.  In your house, the trunk of your car, your closets or any other possible place.  It’s quite liberating.

As I promised, here is a special edition Huddle.  It’s special because you are going to lead.

It’s up to you whether you embrace the activities or not.  I never really know, other than the feedback from the consistent serious champion practices (which I appreciate), as there is no telling if you act on it or just waste it away.

That’s why, over the next several weeks, I’m going to do Huddles led by You.  You pick the topics, you choose the questions, you determine the activities.

This way every week you will get a tried and true real time ‘challenge’ from another Team (maybe yours if you are picked).  You will get a feel for what other practices are dealing with right now.

Here’s the topic, just to get you started…

Still on the topic of clutter… This time with your systems, experience, patients, verbiage, mindset and any other closet full of old habits that you’ve yet to break.

What is something that you are not while always knowing you should or something that you are doing while knowing it’s ineffective?  Either one can become clutter inside of your team operations, patient experience or practice efficiency.

It’s so often that something very simple, such as how emergencies are handled, that can cause confusion between the front and the back resulting in chaos.

Or there is a protocol with insurance that is sabotaging case acceptance or perhaps it was decided to be changed a long time ago and just fell by the wayside.

It could be the perception that paying at the time of scheduling is an option or a convenience instead of a disciplined structured protocol only to be broken on rare exception.

Maybe person A thinks follow-up is being done by persona B but person B thinks that person A is doing it, and thus no follow-up ever happens.

I’m going to keep this completely open ended here.

The more you weigh in and contribute, the better and more valuable my next Team-Driven Series of Huddles will be.

Right now, take a quick survey of every team member.  Send me your top three toughest challenges, inconsistencies or topics you want to work on.

Fax 615-523-1886 or reply to this email.  And we’ll get to work next week.

And that contest that we got a great start on last week runs through the quarter.

All submissions get Starbucks or the equivalent on us.  The monthly winners will receive a special lunch party.

More prizes to come!  Send me your challenges and topics right now.

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