The 3 Success Principles of Life, Business, and Dentistry That Will Never Fail You

Isn’t it interesting how many things are in parallel in life and in business, in business and in dentistry, in dentistry and in life – all traits of success in any category are grounded in the same principles.

You can’t do any of them without people and therefore, whether life, business, or dentistry, we have relationships and the success of those relationships dictate the success overall.

That is why every week right here in this report we are almost always talking about people, you or them, the team or the patients, relationships in or out of your practice.

And it’s also why we seldom talk about concepts that are more transactional or tactical.  Even the systems, strategies and experiences still come back to human engagement and how others are influenced, motivated, and compelled by the way in which you involve them in what you do.

Today, I’m going to talk about both the systems side and the people side.  I’m going to give you the single greatest indicator of sustainable success in all of life, business, and dentistry.

First, the premise.

If you were to look at practices that are stagnant; having wild swings up and down; constantly under financial duress with not enough collections for the practice structure; or even experiencing the constant feeling of stress and pressure – you would find one major thing in common…

Everything is reactive.  Nothing happens on purpose, or at least very little.

Some people might describe this as “putting out fires” or “never knowing where all the money goes” or “working too hard for the results” or “never being caught up” or “completely at the mercy of the practice.”

Now, many would say there is no other way.  At least they don’t give themselves the chance to see another way because they are too caught up in it all.

Sure, all success comes with some form of stress, but there is good and bad.  There will always be “those days.”  Still, if the nature of the culture, the vibe of the practice, or the morale of the team resembles any of what I’m saying, you are quite literally running on the hamster wheel, grinding it out, digging a deeper whole when you are trying to do the opposite.

All of this is driven by practice operations and that means the team and doctor have become reactive instead of proactive.  They have no control over the operations.

If someone were to summarize my impact on Dentistry, the most significance would be place on improving Dentistry as a business, taking control, doing it on your terms, making everything happen predictably, and executing on purpose because we are structuring every aspect and every person to be happening proactively.  I would certainly hope that’s the case.  I, of course, have a pretty good idea through comments, life changing testimony, endorsements and nearly two decades of a long standing reputation.  While I say that humbly, I expect it, because it’s what I set out to do – because I am proactive.

I have my doctors and their practices many steps ahead of where they were.  Which is why they achieve dollars per day and profit per month they never anticipated before all while working less than they ever have.  It’s not magic, though it feels like that – it is specific from the very start.

We follow three principles of which I’ve never stated publicly anywhere else before.

1st – Begin with the end in mind.  And all the credit goes to the great Stephen Covey, though this principle is not new.  The power of positive thinking and expecting success has been around since the inception of personal development and I would say even Benjamin Franklin was a great teacher of foresight.

2nd – Reverse engineer that “end” all the way back to this beginning.  My concept of reverse engineering is all about taking control, being deliberate, and designing your specific model of practice, life, dentistry, team, patient, etc.

Everything can be reverse engineered.  This is taking the “cause and effect” and figuring out what you want the “effect” to be and therefore the “cause” becomes obviously.

3rd – Be proactive, in all things.  Especially with relationships.  Being proactive is not just a nice word, it’s a modus operandi.  It is about assertively choosing to grow your practice, to lead your team, to help your patients because you are clear on your purpose, you are aligned with your passion and you deserve the profits.  Purpose, Passion, Profits, what Dental Success Today stands for, all happen because our Doctors and Teams, together with us, MAKE THINGS HAPPEN.  We do not sit around and wait reactively.

This is the difference between creating what you want or accepting what you get.  Anyone can be a talker very few are ‘doers’ and of those doer’s most just go through the motions.  Even fewer still choose to be ‘creators’ and believe in what’s truly possible because they are going to make it so.

Begin with the end in mind.  Knowing what success is for you.  What is it you want?  Why are you doing this?

How can any decisions be made or actions taken without this being defined first.

Now that we have that we figure out, we can determine what the business needs to look like, what systems need to be in place, what pieces, parts, people and patients allow us to get to that stated outcome.  That’s reverse engineering.  Doing the right things on purpose and with intention.

And then, once we have a plan, we now must execute that plan with positive energy, great initiative and powerful commitment to success.  We must take action proactively in order to serve as a catalyst to ensure things go your way and the “end in mind” becomes “reality in the making” very quickly and consistently.

Without getting into topics and conversations we are going to have in the coming weeks… just think about these three concepts with your marriage, with your kids, with your team, and with your patients.

Imagine doing this exact exercise with your patients to help them get the full scope of what dentistry can do for them and to get them to believe in the outcome that optimal health will bring them.

Of course, that’s where we come in to fix that part of your practice.  In fact, every single part of your practice from phone to schedule, from clinical to admin, from hygiene to doctor, from implants to sleep, from emergency to smile makeover, from management to investment, from leadership to lifestyle…

I’ve applied my three principles to every aspect and facet of Life, Business and Dentistry.  That’s how your success can be predictable and sustainable (not to mention fun while following your purpose, living your passion, and earning your profits).

Today, your assignment is to make a list of where you or your team are too reactive, what fires do you have to put out, what holds you back from getting to your highest value priorities, and what prevents you from being a better creator?

Let’s focus on the negatives now so we can flip them to a positive.  Over the next few weeks we’ll break down each aspect of your practice to apply beginning with the end in mind, reverse engineering and being proactive.  You’ll experience a greater sense of relief and control, unlike any time before.


If you’d like to fast track your success it’s very simple to do so, simply allow me to show you the way.  Obviously, as you are aware, I strictly limit the quantity of Doctors I work with personally.

That said, I do like to help as many as possible even though I may determine that you are not a good fit for our full blown relationship.  The only way to find out is to have a phone discussion with me where I can get to know you and help you with these three specific things that we have gone over today.

Quite bluntly, one phone call with me can completely change your life and practice in ways you can’t yet understand.  Maybe you are already as good as you ever want to be, then please don’t waste my time or yours.  If, on the other hand, you know there is something more to gain, some next level or pinnacle you want to reach whether it’s the first or the last chapter of your career, then let’s explore what that looks like together.

If anything in this Weekly Report resonates with you, then it should be a no-brainer, as the saying goes, to want to talk with me more.  You nor I are under any obligation by having a Practice Independence Call together.  It’s a chance to discover your own potential, ask me any questions and talk through (if it’s warranted) how I work and what I can do for you.

What I know is this, you’ve experienced what life and dentistry looks like with you going it alone or working with whomever you have in the past.  What you haven’t done is experience how much greater it can be in autonomy, money, time and fun in and out of your practice (all while helping more patients in a comprehensive way), with my involvement, support and guidance.

My doctors’ results literally speak for themselves.  I welcome and encourage you to take the next step with me to see what you’ve been missing and all that is possible for you.

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