The 90-Day Blitz

I’m interrupting our regularly scheduled Monday Morning Huddle to bring to your attention – hopefully that which is very obvious – tomorrow marks the beginning of the most important 90-days of your year.  The last 90-days.

Now, this most definitely fits into our theme of Constant and Never-Ending Improvement and I will return to it next week.  However, today we are going to be even more specific and I will give you two of the single most important factors to ANY sort of improvement or achievement in your life, personally and professionally.

The 90-Day Blitz

In fact, if you would adopt this philosophy of a 90-Day Blitz EVERY SINGLE QUARTER of your Year, you would be amazed at the accelerated progress that is possible if you add in these two success elements.

You already have built some awesome lists over the past two weeks.  First, your Daily/Weekly Celebration List so that you don’t forget all the great things you are doing every day to win.  Second, your actual list of Improvements, areas in need of attention, and any possible shortcomings that need addressed in order to take your performance to the next level.

Now, let’s take these two lists and turn them into an action plan for the next 90-days.

Of course, it is easy to say that if there is an area of improvement it should be fixed immediately.  However, it is not always that practical because it often takes practice, retraining, or even trial and error.

Here’s how this works best…

You are going to set YEAR END GOALS.  You can do them month by month, you can do them where they compound, or you can have both.

You should have some personal ones and some practices ones, some individual ones and some team ones.

Overall as a Team, I want you to decide on what you want your “Year End 90-Day Blitz” to be.  Of course, especially for the Practice, it really should be quantitative, measurable, and based on numbers that you are going to commit to.

The best way is to take the big 90-day ‘finish the year better than ever before’ number and divide it out by clinical days.  Then work backwards to decide on what you are going to do in order to reach that specific goal.  And when you reach that goal, be sure to celebrate it.

I challenge you to do this, as I said, for your own personal life too.  Think about any projects, aspirations, or objectives that you want to accomplish by the end of the year.

Okay, ready?  The two things that make “success” happen and ensure that you live out Constant and Never-Ending Improvement that tie directly into this structure of my 90-Day Blitz…

1st – FOCUSED Priorities

You can’t just have a to-do list, you have to have items that are going to move the needle.  You need to set priorities because you can’t do it all, whatever “all” is.  You have to do a limited number of things that are going to make the biggest difference.

2nd – FORCED Deadlines

Oh, yes.  The famous saying “without a deadline nothing would get done.”  Or often said, if it’s not on the schedule it isn’t happening.

This is why I love the 90-Day concept.  It fits neatly in your calendar, it’s not too much time but not too little time, it allows you to build up momentum, and it provides enough days to check yourself along the way.

The fact is, if done right, you will create a trajectory that take you into the New Year on a roll.  Of course, depending on just how diligent you’ve been up until now, even with the Holidays being considered, you should have so much compounding energy that your results are easy.

As many of you know, Kevin used this same concept for years.  He has mastered it throughout his life time and turned it into a “90-Day Challenge” that could be repeated again and again with brilliant “focused priorities” and near daily/weekly “forced deadlines.”  It became something he was known for in helping others achieve goals they never ever thought they could.

Now it’s your turn to create your own Year End 90-Day Blitz.  We would love to hear what you come up with.

Get everyone involved and let’s make it happen.  You truly can have the best finish to the year that you have ever had before and, more than anything else, HAVE FUN DOING IT!

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