The Act Of Being Thankful

Is there another phrase that can put life into perspective like this one?

This week, we are given a day to reflect on, be grateful for, and give thanks for all that we have (people, places, opportunities, health, and bounty of all kinds and all things).

As I will reference in many places ‘this time of year,’ for me there are two important things about this holiday of gratitude.

First, you should make it a daily ritual of being thankful and a personal attitude of appreciation.  I strongly encourage you find a way to work it into your daily routine.  Little things like focusing on the positive, celebrating your successes, but also expressing how grateful you are whenever possible.  Of course, just using those two little words that have more power of expression than any other…

“Thank You.”

And I want to thank you for being here, for being on this team, for committing to personal excellence, and for doing all you do for your patients.

Last week, we talked about the power of this in action and helping other people.  This week let’s take an extra moment to really appreciate each other.  The culture you have, the “daytime family” you are, and the magic that you make happen collaboratively as a team.

It’s not just about what you do for your patients, it is about who you are to each other.

I say to every doctor that I ever have the privilege of meeting that I believe the greatest value in all of life and what it really boils down to are the people we meet and the experiences we share.

So, celebrate each other.  Be thankful for those around you, exude appreciation, and live with gratitude for these special “work” relationships.  And don’t forget to give yourself some love in the process for what you chose to do every day – all that you make possible, the people you impact, and the person that you continue to become along the way.

On Thanksgiving, we do the same for your life as a whole, for your loved ones, for your family, and for this beautiful thing you get to create every day – your life.

Cherish it, give thanks for it, appreciate it, and show gratitude for everything and everyone in it.

The second point I want to make is: do not take any day and any chance to be with your family for granted, remember it’s the significance of life that really matters most.

And by the way don’t take for granted the place you are right now, reading this, that helps bring so much significance as well as means, financially and otherwise, to the family that you are thankful and the life that you live.

You could earn a living any which way…you chose one of the most worthy in all the world and it’s important to be proud of that and thankful for it.

In your life, you’ll only get so many Thanksgivings.  While it is just a day on the calendar (and it shouldn’t take a ‘holiday’ to bring about the activity of giving thanks), at the same time let’s not waste this special day or let it pass with the ho-hum of the usual and the stress of life in general.

So, take time out to celebrate.  Take time to enjoy.  Take time to reflect and really think deeply about all that you have.

As a practice, it would be wonderful if you could each share some of your family plans, traditions, or just talk about some of the meaningful people you are thankful for in your life.  

At the very least, use Thanksgiving to reset some priorities and keep life in perspective.  There may not be anything more important than learning how to keep the main thing the main thing all year long.

Enjoy this week and celebrate all the thanks you have to give.  

Wishing a Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.