The Difference Between Success And Failure In Dentistry

What if I were to tell you right now that everything you love or hate, like or don’t like, enjoy or stress over, content or frustrated with when it comes to your practice (and your life) – is all completely your fault?

Harsh words, wouldn’t you say?  Perhaps more like harsh reality.

Whether you are questioning your vision of the future or you are experiencing the greatest success of your career – you are responsible.  You get the credit or the blame.

If you have expanded your skills and you are doing more comprehensive cases; if you have a profitable practice and you are taking money off the table every month; if you have a great team that you love to be around… You did that.

The education, the work, the hours, the implementation.  It all comes back to you.  You made the decision to succeed, you took the initiative to learn the appropriate strategies, and you set forth the intention of you and your team.  

Now, on the flip side, as we say, the same holds true.  

If you are commoditized by insurance, if you are still doing more onesie-twosie units than quadrants or arches, if you are running thin on margins every month (and I’m not talking about crowns)… it all comes back to you.

The same goes if you are staying at the office late or working on the weekends or behind on treatment plans or having a lot of turnover or burnt out.  You have to take the blame.

For better or worse, your business is your responsibility.  

And we consider that the best news of the day.  Why?  

Well, you certainly wouldn’t want it any other way because it would mean you are at the mercy of it or, worse yet, someone else.  

Many doctors would consider their practice their baby – just not as important as their actual kids.  The difference is, and a it’s a big one, the practice is not growing up to become more independent and less of your responsibility.

In fact, just the opposite.  The longer you go at it and do ‘this’ the more your practice becomes dependent on you forcing you to make tough choices.  You have to balance more hours at work or more hours at home; more income or more autonomy; more patients or more time with patients; more of anything seems to mean less of something else… 

That is – until now.

Until this very moment because I have a very special surprise for you.  I’m about to show you THE way to have your cake and eat it too.

For nearly two decades, I’ve been working alongside every kind of practice you can imagine implementing my practice success systems.  But it wasn’t until 2020 when these strategies received their first extreme stress-test.  Just how much insulation to outside variables did they provide?  How predictable could the results be in the most unpredictable of times?

Well, soon after the pandemic shutdowns were lifted, those practices rallied at record pace and came back stronger than ever.  Now those doctors are having the best year of their lives with more fun, more life changing dentistry, more profit, and fewer days, less stress, less uncertainty.  

So, what made the difference between barely surviving and thriving?  I’m revealing it all in my brand new (and most comprehensive) book…

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Inside, you will find my most specific suggestions and direct advice to finally creating a practice that delivers more consistent and predictable results.  It’s the shortcut to knowing precisely where to focus, what to eliminate, and how to take back control over your outcomes.

The practices that are experiencing this remarkable success, are the ones who have optimized the precise elements that allow them to engineer a prosperous lifestyle practice doing the dentistry they love.  Now, it’s your turn to…

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This book is more than just truth telling about the past, it also includes the critical concepts necessary to prepare you for the uncertain times ahead.  You outlasted the shutdown, but what’s next?  What about inflation or higher taxes or major healthcare changes (and just when you thought insurance couldn’t get worse)?

It really is about making sure your practice is built on a solid foundation and that you aren’t vulnerable to the ups-and-downs of high volume, needing endless new patients to make it through.

The truth is, you can optimize your dental practice in a way that will lead to a better, happier, more fulfilling way of life. Along the way, you’ll increase the profitability of your practice, without increasing your hours or taking on more stress.  

I’ve proven it, doctors lived it in 2020, and now you can do it too. 

Oh, I’m not telling you it’s everything you are going to want to hear – I’m telling it’s the cold hard facts you need to know to design your practice for success right now in today’s world.

When you read, study, and apply the principles inside of my book you will have more clarity about your future vision and be able to identify what has been holding you back from achieving your greatest potential.  It’s not about having to work harder, it’s about being able to work smarter on the leverage points that deliver real results.

Next week, I’m going to tell you the biggest lesson from 2020 and why some practices prospered while other struggled – regardless of location, size, insurance, or anything else (hint: it’s the most important principle of all dental practice ownership).

For now, your only homework from this week’s Report is to go here and grab my brand-new book…

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