The Greatest ‘Trick or Treat’ Of All

Last week, I asked you to think about the things you let influence the way you think about and talk to your patients.  In other words, the tricks you play and the spells you are under when it comes to expecting the best possible outcomes.

I’m sure you have heard of the book “The Secret” from many years ago, if not, it’s worth getting and reading.  While there is more to it than the message of the book itself, the point and principle lesson of it is as old as time itself…

What you think about, you get more of.

What you think about, you become.

What you think about enough, often happens.

In fact, I can prove it to you.  You can influence the way people make decisions by the way you are thinking about the circumstances and conversation.  It actually always begins with that first – what is in your head dramatically, and almost exclusively, controls what comes out of your mouth, how your body language is positioned, and how your energy conveys your own feelings to the other person.

No doubt you can think of many different examples of how other people’s feeling about themselves, about their lives, about other people, and their attitude overall will impact the way they interact with others.

The mind is powerful and it is the source of these tricks and spells that give you the results you experience – it is the cause of the effect.

I know this is deep stuff for a Monday Morning Huddle, but it is essential to having a better understanding of life’s victories and disappointments.

If you learn to practice and eventually become habitual with removing the negative thoughts, the terrible tricks, and the evil spells that you play on yourself in your own mind, you will be able to have greater control over your own reality.

I say show me a person filled with negativity or ill intentions or resentment or guilt or jealousy or any other counterproductive emotion and I will show you someone whose life is usually in a state of drama, if not shambles.  You might wonder which came first – their plight or their personality.  Ask it enough and you will soon see the true answer.

Even those who have experienced tragedy or crisis or lived through the ‘worst of times’ (as difficult as it may be), can still choose to be filled with positives thoughts and protect against the trap of cynicism.  A person who lives with gratitude and joy, in the face of misfortune, becomes the example others want to be more like.

A strong will and a great faith sure help, but most of all being centered with who you are and deciding with authentic awareness that you will resist the urge to let your mind be victimized by negative thoughts, tricked by pessimistic influence, or fall under the spell of the evil forces that are out there.

Have a blast this Halloween and enjoy yourself, whatever you choose to do.  Just remember, you may not believe in witches and vampires, ghost and goblins, or spells and chants, but there is certainly a reality to how people choose to live their lives and what they let in their minds.  This determines whether your life will be filled with tricks or treats – not just on one, but all 365 days of the year.

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