The Magic of Awareness [Part 6]

Thank you for the great feedback on the “Awareness Series” that we have been going through together.  Most of all, I appreciate that you acted upon it, took time to reflect and carefully considered in what ways you could be more aware.

I always find people who don’t desire to be self-critical and seek out areas of improvement uninteresting and unenthusiastic.  Of course, it is extreme to never feel content with yourself and proud of your behavior, but those too arrogant, egotistical or just plain lazy always wind up gut-punched by life.

One of our super star Doctors, who is an amazing businesswoman, leader of her team, and takes responsibility for results, has a powerful saying hung on her wall that reminds me of the 3H’s…

Be humble, stay hungry, and always hustle.

The only way to do any of these things is to keep life in perspective, to own up to it and focus on actually living it out in a positive way.

As you certainly know, I love to ask questions that spark inspiration and deliver motivation.  Today, I’d like to ask you a few questions that I hope you take and share with each other.

Having awareness is like anything else, you have to do it to have it.  You have to make a conscious decision about it every single day and that is the same with humble, hungry, and hustle.  That means you have to have enough reasons why you want to do well and do more than just settle by going through the motions.  You need purpose in order to create and sustain your drive.

So my questions to you are…

What is your purpose?  How do you define success for yourself, in all aspects of life?  What is your driving motivation to do your best every single day?  What are you looking forward to most in your future?

If you reflect on and ask yourself these questions you will find that, obviously, they all link together and that is important because that is what gives you meaning to the work you do versus just showing up to get paid.

Of course, it’s great to be passionate about what you do to “make a living” but it’s also important that “your living” is really a catalyst for “making a life.”  I remind you about this as often as I can: the work you are here to do for your patients always begins first with you.

The better you become, the better you will be for them and for everyone else in your life.  Most of all, it’s about you.  The good news is, since we just celebrated our great country’s independence last week, you have the freedom to make your life whatever you want it to be.

For this week, it’s all about you.  What’s awareness if there is no meaning or purpose behind of it.  I’m curious how you answer these questions and how they will evolve over time through the stages and chapters of your life.

Share your thoughts with the team.  The more you know each other, the stronger your relationships will be.  This leads to more cohesive teamwork, more consistent interactions with patients and more compatible reasons why.

Next week, we’ll apply this to patients and I’ll show you how to open up their minds to greater health and optimal care without resistance.

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