The Most Frightening Thing Of All

Fresh off of Halloween Night, I want to wrap up our themed Huddle series before we shift our focus to the significance of the next couple months and year end goals to finish strong.

I’ve saved the scariest for last.  It’s something that haunts every person in some way at some point in their lives.

The way to overcome these fears are to believe in yourself, to surround yourself with positive uplifting people, and of course to do meaningful work.

You are accomplishing and living all three.  So, congratulations.  I do hope you are aware and appreciative of these three things about you, your team, and your career.  It takes your acknowledgement, purposefulness, and overall gratitude to really get the most out of all you are capable of achieving.

What are these frightening fears that I’m talking about that scare the potential out of you and hold you back…

The Fear of Failure

The fear of failure stops you from even trying.  How often do you have an idea that’s never attempted, a plan that’s never implemented, a dream that’s never chased.  All because of what might happen.

This really correlates directly with our philosophy that patients can only say yes to what you give them the opportunity to say yes too.  Treatment that doesn’t get presented never gets accepted.  The same goes for diagnosis on an even greater scale.

Specific to you and your life, I’m here to challenge you not to hide behind a costume of complacency, as if beholden to a spell that makes the status quo acceptable and keeps you for pursuing your grand ambitions.

Most people are afraid of what they know they could achieve, which is why they make excuses.  With everything you know is possible, it’s easy to judge yourself against your own expectations.  This sometimes can be scary, but don’t let it derail from your journey forward. 

You want high expectations for yourself, that way, even if you don’t achieve them every time, you are still making progress and achieving greater outcomes than you would have otherwise.

I’m here to tell you that the ultimate fear anyone should have is not taking action on what you know is possible and never truly realizing all that you are capable of.  That’s what should scare you.

This is why ‘The Four Agreements’ is one of my absolute favorite books.  In it, the book reminds us to always do your best… because that is all you’ll ever need to do.

What should be frightening to everyone, though most ignore the reality of just how scary it is to make themselves feel better, are regrets of time wasted and opportunity missed.

The secret is to never having to think back to what you could’ve, would’ve, should’ve been by having an attitude of action and belief in yourself.  That’s the only way to avoid regret.

Here are my final treats for you this post-Halloween, albeit having nothing to do with the holiday and everything to do with life, that is…

Give yourself permission…

To be you

To try new things

To make changes

To take chances 

To always do your best

I’ll leave you with a really cool quote I just saw today from Audrey Hepburn on my daily calendar…

“Nothing Is Impossible. The Word Itself Says ‘I’m Possible’!”

And that You are!