The Myths of Dental Success – BUSTED [Part 2]

There is no greater mystical power than that of time.  How is it some can achieve so much and others seem to accomplish nothing at all, yet the minutes, hours, and days are the same.

Those witches and wizards who have mastered the sorcery of time will tell you it’s not that they manipulate the minutes themselves, but rather they control what happens inside of them.

Once you empower yourself with these time tricks, you will find entirely new levels of prosperity, productivity, and potential – effortlessly achieving more in less time than you once imagined.

Today, you’re in luck, because I’m going to make magic happen right before your eyes by making appear in your hands not a single spell about the time, instead an entire book of spells that will quite literally jump off the pages and put themselves to work in your life.

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Get it before the clocks strikes midnight and this Weekly Report turns back into a pumpkin (and more importantly, before you waste another minute of time).

Which brings us to the most ridiculous of all Dental Success Myths.  You see, the lies told about time are intentional.  They trap you into a mentality that there is only one way to play your game and only one way to be successful.  Yet, this approach is actually the kryptonite of practice success, because it solely relies on… volume.

You are familiar with this myth if you find yourself living in the cycle of more… more patients, more space, more hours, more overhead, more everything.  All under the misguided promise that more equals busy and busy equals profitable.

The evil forces want you to fall into this delusional state of success because volume feeds their agenda – for two reasons.  

First, volume is the engine that drive the rest of the industry… supplies, insurance, labs, equipment, fees, software, advertising, and everything between. 

But that’s not the worst of it.

Second, the real purpose of the spells they cast are to commoditized dentistry where everyone becomes the same, where no one can feel badly about being an underperformer because no one else is achieving anything remarkable either.

This deters the successful from climbing out and making waves.  It makes failure almost impossible because the bar is set so low.  It suppresses the ambition of the best to pacify the lack of ambition of the rest.

Grasp that for a moment.

Pretty soon you’ll forget, if you haven’t already, why you wanted to do this in the first place.  The impact you can have on and the difference you can make for your patients.  The lifestyle you can create and the benefits you can enjoy for yourself.  The power and autonomy that comes with true business ownership.  The significance and income that you can provide for your team.

If you still believe in all that is possible then you must reject the volume hypnosis. 

If you want to achieve all that is possible then you must learn how to master time for yourself and realize the greatest of all magic comes from the way you control what happens throughout your day.

This is why my book on Schedule Engineering is about so much more than just schedule or even time for that matter.  My most powerful book will destroy any and all bad omens that you have been told.

You will quickly be able to see exactly how to break out of every needing more time, more effort, or more patients in order to achieve more of your goals.

You will never look at your schedule the same again because you will be able to bend time to make it more valuable to you and you will be able to manipulate your days to achieve the results you want and deserve.  I’ll show you how to…

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Let’s attack these myths and reverse these hoaxes.  We’ll turn them around to our own advantage and create control over the greatest currency in life by becoming masters of time.

The first myth that must be debunked is that more patients equals more money (or more dentistry or more impact or more of anything else you strive to achieve).  It just isn’t true.

In fact, I can show you with the rarest of rare exceptions that the bigger the patient volume the lower the patient value.

As my famous saying goes: you want a lot of patients or you want a lot of dentistry.  You can’t have both.  That’s a topic for another time for a select few.

The power of dentistry, like magic, is that it’s about concentration, focus, attention and above all else one word – connection – to your purpose and intent.

In your case, your intent is patient care and therefore the greater the connection with your patients the greater the impact you will have.  Your time is best invested in developing connections with patients; not in rushing from room to room and churning out volume of visits.  

This could very well be the greatest myth of the industry that has done the most harm because the view of success and accomplishment is completely backwards.  Patients are meant to be checked-off like a task, but checked-in on like a person.

The next myth is that you need more hours to do more dentistry.  They want you to believe that you are doing as much as you can in the time that you have.  Thus, you trick your own mind into thinking that you are stuck right where you are because you aren’t willing to do what you are told is necessary (spending more time at the practice).

The truth is, you do not need more time to do more dentistry.  It’s quite probable and absolutely possible that you can achieve far more working smarter and with much less time utilizing the power of leveraged time.

This, to others, is like an illusion.  To you it becomes a systematic protocol to follow.  Proper control over your schedule is as formulaic as you choose it to be.

This myth is busted forever when you simply understand how long it takes to do one crown in one visit compared to doing two crowns in one visit or three crowns in one visit.

You can multiply your dentistry without multiplying your time.  To others it might seem like magic before their eyes, to you it’s just common sense.

Now imagine any other type of treatment plan and combination of procedures as part of a pathway to healthy for your patients.

How can it be this simple?  Because most don’t control the origin of treatment in the first place.  They think their schedule is their problem instead of taking control over the schedule to be their asset.

Your schedule is a byproduct of the dentistry you create from diagnosis all the way down.  Not the other way around.

The fact is most doctors are undermining their own value of time by old habits, faulty beliefs, past expectations or expired goals.  

This is your chance to get my new book all about engineering your schedule to break free from these myths once and for all. 

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Your mastery of time is in your hands when you do the following…

1. Commit to your own philosophy of care and patient interactions.

2. Develop your own patient experience, diagnostic approach, and delivery of dentistry.

3. Engineer your schedule to provide yourself the time you need.

4. Leverage your time to be more valuable to every person, most of all yourself.

5. Resist the urge to add more hours or more patients to achieve more of your goals.

The actuality of it all is less is more because it is not how much of anything you have, it is the value of it that matters above all else.

Think of it this way…

When you have higher quality time, then you have higher quality patients.  And when you create higher quality patients, then you have higher quality dentistry.  

The final outcome is the magic you unleash on the inside of your practice, you also unleash on the outside of your practice for every other areas of your life.  We’ll be picking up right here with some new personal tricks and treats next week.

Lastly, remember that there are three signs to whether or not your magic is working the way it should.

First, you are diagnosing and doing the dentistry you love more often.

Second, your schedule is facilitating your success and giving you time to engage your patients; instead of feeding the frenzy of volume.

Third, your patient values in terms of treatment plans, case acceptance, and average visits (therefore your daily collections) are going up.

All three of these come back to direct links to how you execute on optimizing time by debunking the hoax of volume.  Engineering your schedule makes all other things possible and opens you up to an entirely new level of practice ownership.

Next week, the myth we bust gets personal.

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