The Myths of Dental Success – BUSTED [Part 3]

If you want to know what’s really haunting your success it’s the time that is wasted by not controlling your own schedule.  There’s no book of spells that could alter time, but there is a book that gives you the necessary tricks to get more out of your hours, days, weeks, and months.

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This week, I’m delivering on my promise to bring more than just a myth buster.  I think it’s fair to say this is an actual ghost-buster of a Weekly Report because the most frightening myth that’s ever been told in dentistry haunts private practice owners more than any other.

Volume is scary.  Being desperate for ‘more’ patients without any discernment, being so caught up in seeing more people your ability to diagnose is plummets, and being constantly busy running around but not productive dentistry to show for it.  

Yes, that ails even the best practices.  But, it’s is not the worst of it. 

This is not where the dark magic originates from.  The ghosts and goblins that are floating around your practice are those that tell you how you can practice, what you can diagnosis, where to put your patients’ attention, and which procedures should you pursue.

Far too many Doctors are chasing an ever-changing illusion of the perfect practice.  Like a mirage that shifts each time you get closer.  

It’s no way to practice by being caught up in trends pushed by swindling vendors, following insurance reimbursement schedules like edicts, or obeying the advice of the latest doctor-gone-guru making the rounds.

You owe it to yourself and to your patients to be steadfast in your philosophy of care and definitive in your approach to complete health.

I see it all the time.  Even the very best Doctors end up suppressing diagnosing or holding back on presenting comprehensively treatment planning – all in the name of what’s latest-and-greatest.

When you stop this and you go all-in on your own philosophy of care every time, you instantly open up your practice potential and the possibility for your patients to achieve life changing outcomes more frequently.  

The origin of everything begins with the doctor’s mindset about complete health and the process of bringing a patient into a standard of care.

As I so often say, you meet them where they are at, how they enter your practice, then you take them where they need to go as their guide to optimal health.

This is where you help patients envision what’s possible and how dentistry can enhance the quality of their lives.  This is where you get to engage your patients in real genuine conversations that will ultimately differentiate you.  This is where you elevate patients’ belief in what they deserve. 

Your own experience for this progression in your patients’ minds is precisely how the magic happens inside of your practice.  This can’t be bought from a shelf, copied from a peer, or dictated from the outside.

You and only you get to design and develop your approach.  Then it is simply a matter of organizing each part of your practice to match.

Everything from your schedule to your treatment plans, from your patient experience to your team structure.  Once you have aligned the components of your practice to your own authentic purpose and passion, you open yourself up to engage patients like never before.

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And by the way, the reason you can’t just go copy someone else’s plan for this is because it’s the uniqueness of your practice that matters most.  It’s the variables that make you extraordinary and we don’t want to take those away.

This brings me back to the point of our Myth Busting Report today…  

The magic you need is not outside your practice, they aren’t on a webinar, you won’t find it during a CE Course, and you can’t even ask your study club.

The industry jades you to think you aren’t enough.  That there is always something missing, that there is a better way, a newer way – and it just so happens the solution comes from people offering it in the exchange for money.

This myth is nothing more than witches brew.

There is merit in gathering up tricks and treats from those you respect.  You can always learn from someone else but that doesn’t you try to be someone else.

Know your identity and master that.  Do not be swayed by industry illusions of a perfect practice that ultimately try to change who you are.

Be open minded, evolve as you see fit,

But be rock solid in your convictions.

Remember this: all of your super powers are going to come from inside the four walls of your practice.  The strength of those powers are determined by…

How you relate to, build trust with, and influence your patients as the authority of their health.


How thoroughly and confidently you diagnosis, educate, and move patients forward on their complete pathways to health.

That’s it.

I can show you the ‘oldest’ practices or the most ‘rural’ practices or the ‘smallest’ practices or any other ‘outside the norm’ practice and in every case, with more variables than there are constants, they perform at levels that far surpass industry standards.  All because they have built a practice around their identity that enhances their ability to do those two objectives consistently.

Without question as long as you’re looking for ghost, you’ll find them.  As long as you are relying on others to define your approach, you’ll never have your own.

Instead, embrace your uniqueness as you focus on what you want.  Be determined to do it your way.  You don’t need to steal anyone else’s magic spells because you are mastering your own.

Here’s a quick punch list to check yourself against to make sure you are not being subdued by the sirens of the outside world and falling under the influence of the Myths “out there” …

Are you talking to patient about the ‘flavor of the month’ – or are you sharing your purpose and passion with them based on your philosophy of care?

Are you changing your patient experience with the variability of trends, insurance demands, or anything else from the outside – or are you relying on your own tried-and-true principles because you know you differentiate by what you do inside not what they can compare you against outside.

Do you change your systems and processes so often no one knows who is doing what – or is your practices modus operandi standing the test of time?

Your challenge today is to define who you are, your approach to diagnosing, and your standard of care.  Make sure you are using all the powers you have and bringing to life your approach the way you want to engage, educate, and influence patients.

You should be practicing dentistry on your own terms and in the way that you choose; not the way the industry, associations, doctors on the circuit, your study club, or anyone else tells you. 

Your work on this begins by building on a strong foundation and knowing that your practice and your profits will never be stronger than your own convictions.

Find yourself, hone your identity, breakthrough your limitations, and reach your true potential.

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