The Power of Assumption – Part 1

You’ve heard the saying about what happens when you assume.  You know what it makes out of “U” and “Me.”  This is a funny notion and yet so true.

A book I recommend to everyone I meet is The Four Agreements.  One of the agreements is to NOT make assumptions because it makes your vision cloudy and you miss out on so much because you have tricked your mind into what you are going to see…what you expect to see.

This is why – whether you believe it or not – when you expect patients to have problems paying, they do.  When you expect that they are going to have ‘sticker shock’, they will.  Pretty much whatever you expect and assume is what you are asking for more of.

And that’s just ONE SIDE of assumption.  There is of course another.  Inside of it lies some of the most powerful and influential abilities that you can possibly imagine.

When you have a culture, attitude, philosophy of the right type of assumption, it will change the game played inside of your practice forever.

That’s where we will be going next week.  It’s probably the most fun and exciting concept you can live out and see realized right before your eyes.

In the meantime, CHECK YOURSELF and EACH OTHER as you commit to eliminating all of the BAD assumptions you are making about patients, about your practice and about each other.

Make a list by going around the room as everyone participates in the sharing of the deep dark thoughts you have and let get in your way (and in your patients’ way) of success.

Oh, and listen to this, this works for your life too.  More importantly than any patient or treatment, you ought to go to work on each other as you remove the self-sabotaging beliefs, preconceived ideas and faulty assumptions you are making every single day about yourself.

You know that saying ‘don’t worry, be happy,’ well when you get this right you won’t worry and you will be happier because you’ll be an all around better person to yourself and therefore everyone else around you.

It comes from within, it always does.

No more prejudging.

No more poor expectations.

No more negative assumptions.

Next week, we will turn our focus to using the positive power of assumptions.

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  1. “Whether you think you can or cannot, you are probably right.” Great read as always. No need to reply, just had to share the quote!



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