This One Is For The…

I hear about all kinds of ways teams use these Monday Morning Huddles.  I find the creativity inspiring and most of all the application of what I write to you admirable.

My primary purposes are always the same: motivation, inspiration, refocus, and refuel for your week ahead.  It also serves as a weekly reminder that it’s not just the patient that is important – you’re important too.

The more you dedicate time and energy to your own personal development, the more effective and, more importantly, the more confident you will become.

Whether you read them out loud as a team in a huddle or one person reads them to create a summary or doctors read them in order to put them into their own words or you just distribute them to each team member to read individually; it really makes no difference to me, I’ll never know unless you tell me.

What I can tell you though is very simple.

I’m writing for the… readers.

I am not worried about who isn’t reading the message, I’m focused on who is.  The old ‘horse to water’ concept is so true about life.  I’ll promise to always make sure there’s water to drink so your pail will be full.  Heck, I’ll do better than lead you to where it’s at, I’ll bring it right to you.  Yet, I’m not going to (nor could I if I wanted to) force you to drink.

It goes back to the theme we’ve had over the past few weeks about your responsibility and the choices you make.  Your actions and decisions in your life lead to the outcomes you get and the circumstances you tolerate.

Your doctor has done something very special for you.  They’ve made it possible for you to grow, they’ve created an environment where personal development is important.  It’s not just about another day and another dollar or about more patients and more production, it’s about something more than that.

It’s about you having the opportunity to fill up your life.  Trust me, that’s special, that’s rare.  Not every doctor subscribes to this belief.  In fact, the majority do not.  It is something to not take for granted.

So, take advantage and challenge yourself to go beyond the status quo.  Expect more from yourself because you are capable of it.  And not just in your practice, in your life, with your positivity, your attitude, your beliefs, and your actions.

As I always tell you, what you do is important but of more significance is who you are in the eyes of your patients, your fellow team members, your family, and especially yourself.

When you believe more in yourself others will believe more in you.  As we move into this second half of the year, go outside your comfort zone, try something new, push your limits, expect more, believe in what’s possible, elevate your performance, embrace a positive attitude, be more proactive, and take more responsibility.  

The bottom line: choose to enrich yourself and those around you.  It’s not enough to have the information, it’s only valuable to put the information to good use.  

Obviously, that extends far beyond this Monday Huddle and anything I write.  I hope you find motivation, knowledge, and positivity everywhere.  All you have to do is be among the… readers.

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