Turning Problems Into Opportunities…

We all know that mindset matters but even still I have never seen such an obvious and dramatic difference in how mindset, attitude, and expectations impacted people’s outcomes like we are seeing with the ‘great divide’ that was created as a result of 2020.

No, I’m not talking about the divide in the country politically or the mask wearing or the red states and blue states.  I’m talking about you, about dentistry, about the way our doctors have rallied into growth mode like never before.

While the majority of an entire industry has been on the retreat, there has been a group of doctors keeping to themselves quietly making noise only inside of their practices after stepping up to take more responsibility for their success.  Now, it’s all coming to fruition and will continue to do so.

Just yesterday, I read a report about how new patients are down, people aren’t going to the dentist, business is slow, and in particular the business sector serving dentistry is having a tough time.

And I thought to myself, “Who are these people talking about?”

In the Dental Success Today world – I hear the exact opposite.

The vast majority of our practices have too many patients coming back, they have no room to get others in, and their number of new patients are on par (at worst).

It’s simply amazing.  Case acceptance is up, more patients are doing more dentistry, and the prosperity abounds. 

There is a whole lot of “get what you expect” and “create what you want” going on out there; at least for those that choose it.  Of course, there is the reverse of that too – if you are constantly in triage mode, putting out fires, or dealing with problems.

Here’s a little trick… just see every single problem as an opportunity, no matter what it is.  That is what the proper mindset is all about – decide that everything is an opportunity.

When you see the negative or think worst case scenario or fixate on all the reasons why something isn’t going well – you are going to get exactly that.

The good news is: you don’t have to leave it up to chance and or even wishful thinking.  You can take control over your reality.  There is always something that can be done.  Always.

The question is do you just want to make it a little better or do you want to discover the very best your practice can be?

This was my motivation for writing my new book.  Humbly, I say it is a must-read; that is if you want to make the most of your future.

You will find the principles necessary to rocket you to the next level and it doesn’t matter if that means working less, doing more of the dentistry you love, or discovering your next income breakthrough.

I will say this, inside you will find the biggest difference between the talkers and the doers; the complainers and the conquerors; and the ones that are struggling and the ones turning their dreams into realities.  It will certainly challenge you no matter how far up the mountain of success you already climbed.  Grab your copy of…

Creating A Highly Profitable Dental Practice (That You’ll Actually Enjoy!) >>>

Now, back to the ‘present day’ with vaccines and hygiene holes and having a hard time finding team members – or whatever your issues are – if any.

Yes, of course, there have been practices that suffered because of geography, local government, and forced dynamics that created a ripple effect with employment issues.  I have amazing doctors in New York City where fifty percent of their patients have not come back because they no longer work in the city (at least for now).  What are they to do?  They could give up and standby.

Instead, they have chosen to rebuild their team, go on offense, and ask for my help to reshape their practice into what they want it to be.  Now, they will grow back bigger and better (and more profitably) than ever.

I can tell you story after story.  In Ontario, where they have some of the strictest policies, I have general and specialty practices alike setting records.

I can tell you stories of doctors that chose to expand, to upgrade locations, to buy practices, or to add procedures.  Already they are doing more this year.

The significance behind what I’m saying is that you can choose to be resourceful to turn adversities into opportunities.  All by focusing on where you are headed, not where you are.  

It doesn’t matter whether we are talking about how you are treatment planning or presenting dentistry or answering the phone or team communication… 

Everything is a decision.

The same people who blamed insurance still have insurance issues.  The ones that chose to step up for the health of the patients, insurance never seems to gets in their way.

The same people that say patients don’t want to spend money now, were the same people who said it before – and vice versa.  The ones that choose to say your health matters and now is the time – get the money.

The doctors that timidly break treatment into so many visits now, always have.  While those doctors that refuse devalue their time, bundle it all together and have bigger appointments and bigger dollars per day.

That begets the question… what decisions should you be making differently that will eliminate excuses and turn problems into profits?

Great news.  I wrote a book about them – all.  It covers each of the 7 leverage points that generate the most significant transformation for your practice and your life.

Because it’s not just about dentistry or even the business of dentistry.  It’s about you as owner, leader, doctor – it’s about your life. 

Until next week, answer the question above. Then get ready to go after your goals and make your practice your vehicle for everywhere you want to go in life. 

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